Ever culture loves urban legends and myths. Vampires, werewolves, eating pop rocks and soda making your stomach explode, they are all for fun. All there to put a little fear in people and twisted to fit the unique cultures found around the world. Gamers have carved out their own unique sub-culture so, like everyone else, they too have their own set of urban legends. Gaming urban legends are significantly less believable, after all, it's only a game right? However, maybe not.



pokemon lavendar town

Original Pokemon Lavender Town Music Causes Suicide

Back in 1996 Pokemon Red and Green were set to ravage the world. However, when the games were first released in Japan, something strange happened.

The games release corresponded with a huge spike in suicides in young children from the ages 7 to 12. The games were one common denominator in these events. However, the children—all of them— did not commit suicide until they reached Lavender Town. It was believed that it all had to do with the music. The piercing tones of the original Lavender Town soundtrack were thought to cause headaches, nausea, and eventual suicide.  Due to this eerie correlation, the soundtrack was changed before the game was released overseas.

The original score can be found in the video below.

fallout 3

Fallout 3 Predicts the Future

Fallout 3 is an open world RPG in which everything has been ravaged and killed by vicious nuclear war. In an open world, there are tons of things to discover and even more things that have yet to be found. However, fans are convinced that they found a feature that predicts the future.

Fans found a random radio station in which the DJ says such phrases as "I can't believe Britney actually won an Oscar!" and "The Queen has died today. The world mourns, as on days like these we are all Brits." After these messages, there is a series of numbers repeated in Morse code that are thought to be dates of these events. Bethesda strongly denies that these messages even exist. We won't know for sure if Fallout 3 predicts the future unless the Queen dies on March 19, 2014.

squall is dead

Final Fantasy 8 - Squall is Dead

The early Final Fantasies, arguably everything before 10, are some of the best role-playing games ever made. They are the reason that gamers get disappointed when they put in and play RPGs and newer Final Fantasies.  One of the featuresthat made them so incredibly addicting was the emotional bond gamers made between the characters. Squall from Final Fantasy 8 was the main character in which gamers had a complex relationship with. Some hated his cool and carefree demeanor, others found his growth throughout the game endearing. Which is why it can absolutely devastating to tell people he was possibly dead half of the game.

As the theory goes, when Squall is hit by Edea's ice shard at the end of disc one, he dies. Up until then, Final Fantasy 8 had been relatively normal. Just mercenaries doing average mercenary things. Sure they junctioned magic and fought monsters, but that was still fairly believable. After Squall wakes up, he finds himself with no wound and all realism goes right out the window. I mean weird moombas appear saying Laguna, the moon turns all red and cries monsters, he finds out his father runs a country, time goes all compession-y, weird stuff like that.

The rest of the game is—essentially—a dream in Squalls head that he is having as he lay dying. Which would strongly explain the ending and it's weird imagery, such as faceless Squall. However, time compression can just as easily explain those images. Square Enix has never confirmed or denied this theory, so it just lingers as a depressing possibility for those who really loved the relatively happy ending that Final Fantasy 8 had.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Mod jvk1166z.esp

Elder Scrolls Morrowind Mod jvk1166z.esp Drives People Insane

While Morrowind may be showing its age, it still has an extensive fan community that feels it is the best game in the Elder Scrolls series. With a large, crazily loyal fanbase came mods, which allow fans to modify the base game to add new weapons, armor, content and quests.  As the legend goes, there is a mod with the ability to make you go insane.

This mod (which still exists) was at first thought to be a virus, as when you ran it the game would freeze and corrupt all saved files. However, it was discovered that if you ran the game in DOSbox, it would work. When players started the game all the main characters in the game would be dead and if you stayed in one spot long enough, your health would start to slowly drain.

If you did die from this life drain, a new character appears, one who soon got the name of The Assassin. He was a relatively unremarkable man except his arms and legs stretched and curved like a spider. Players soon found that if you looked closely enough, you could see him scurrying up walls or ducking around corners on the edge of your screen. Players, as one could imagine, started having this event happen to them outside of the game as well. Anyone who has played a game long enough understands this phenomenon well enough, but it is not what causes people to go insane.

Inside this mod, players found a new dungeon. This was called the "Hall of Portraits." The long hall is lined with picture frames which are filled by whatever pictures had in their My Pictures folder. At the end, there is a locked door. However, no one has been able to open it. There are some incredible stories of the lengths in which people went to try and open it, becoming quite obsessed with it in the process.


Killswitch - The Game That Never Was

Killswitch is a game you will have a hard time tracking down. It was supposedly created by Soviet Gaming company Karvina Corporation in 1989. Only 5,000 to 10,000 copies of the game were created  and became a hit with Soviet gamers.

It was essentially a survival horror game in which you could choose to play as a little girl or an invisible demon that even you could not see.  The goal was to navigate a coal mine while battling monsters. Usually people would pick the little girl, thus no one has beaten the game with the demon. Why? Because after you beat the game, it erases itself from your computer with no trace.