Could Divergent be the next Hunger Games?

     2014 has so far been a successful year when it comes to new films. With titles like Captain America: The Winter Solider, Transcendence, The Lego Movie, and 300: Rise of an Empire, Divergent has definitely created a buzz among movie-goers. Based on the bestselling book series by young author Veronica Roth, Divergent instantly became a best selling children and young adult book since its publishing in April 2011. Two year later, the film adaptation was in production, and the movie based on the book was released in March 2014.

   Based in a post-apocalyptic/post-war city of Chicago that has been divided into five different areas, known as factions, these factions represent a different human virtue: kindness, bravery, selflessness, honesty, and knowledge. Divergent centres around young Beatrice 'Tris' Prior, 16, who at this age along with many others, must take an aptitude test which well tell them which faction they should belong to. At the time of Beatrice's test, the results show inconclusive, revealing that she is Divergent, meaning she possesses all qualities of the different factions making her dangerous because she is unable to be controlled, as her mind works differently. When choosing day arrives, she decides to join the faction Dauntless, which glorifies bravery and courage, they are seen as the "army" of the city. Through her initiation into the faction, she meets Dauntless trainer Four, and develop a certain liking with each other. Throughout her time in Dauntless, she learns that another faction, Erudite, who value knowledge and smarts, plan to overthrow Agnegation, the faction that are the government, and take over the city. Erudite plans to use Dauntless as their army to control through a simulation that takes over their minds, but since Tris is Divergent, it does not affect her. Together her and Four must stop Erudite as one of the few who aren't controlled by Erudite and destroy the their plan.

   Now, while watching - and reading - Divergent, I did not see any similarities between it and The Hunger Games. Of course, when purposely comparing them the most you could say is that the main protagonist is female and they live in a futuristic setting being divided into different sectors. Does this make the two extremely alike? Hardly. The concepts are completely different, with one having a girl trying to join a faction and learns her mind is different than others and must try to stop another faction who plan to overthrow the government. The other, a girl volunteers to participate in a competition that is basically survival of the fittest with one man, or woman, left standing. So, there is very little similarity. 

    Honestly, it comes down to the fact that both the books with the target audience being young adults are being made into movies and of course will have a huge following. They have the same type of hype. Personally, I prefer Divergent over The Hunger Games, but to each one's own, and I will say that fans of either book/movie will say that they are nothing like each other, and they really aren't. 

Tris and Katniss