One of the first things you will be taught when you learn how to dive is that you should never be without a reliable divers watch. While many diving watches that are sold, are merely for show, if you are dong any sort of serious diving, then you will need to acquire one from the many good quality diving watches that has been rigorously tested and is suitable for accompanying you on scuba diving expeditions. Here is a brief overview on some of the basic diving watches that are available:

The Low End

You can purchase a low-end diving watch for under $300 from companies such as Invicta, IWC, Seiko, Luminox and the Casio diver series. These watches are generally battery operated and are usually waterproof to 200 meters. All feature features that are useful for diving such as a an illumination system allowing you to view the time in low lighting conditions and a rotating bezel for timing the length of your dives. For recreational dives, these watches are good options and make very attractive every day watches as a bonus.

The Mid End

Watches at the middle end cost anywhere between $300 - $1,500 and include the high-end Invicta and IWC and if you shop around you can even find some of the Tag Heuer and Omega watches at this price point. These watches typically offer just as much or more functionality as the lower end models and are generally automatic and made from better quality and lighter materials. These watches are for serious divers with a lot of dives under their belt already and who want to go deeper than the low-end watches can handle. While these watches cost considerably more money than the lower end watches, they are built to last a life time.

The High End

These are dive specific watches, of which the best known watch is the Submariner. Top end watches cost $6,000 and up and are the ultimate watch on the divers watch food chain. These are generally automatic and can dive to 300 meters and usually much deeper. These types of watches come with a wide variety of customizable configurations. A great many people consider the cache of a Submariner to be worth every penny that is spent. These diving sport watches are for the serious diver who wants nothing but the best and one of these high-end diving watches can be expected to last a life time.
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