Every business needs to find customers. Not often do we find an industry that succeeds with no advertising, and the law industry is no exception. Attorney advertising meets new challenges today where other forms of marketing would not succeed. Advertising must be much more diverse than it historically has been. In the past, simple radio or television advertisements would be the only things that advertisers would have to focus on. However, with the vastness of the internet, there are many more means of getting people to know about a product or service.

It is becoming increasingly more necessary for attorneys to be smart about how they market their skills to the world. For instance, if one focused his or her attorney advertising solely on television, they may only attract a certain demographic of people. Even within the realm of television advertising, the type of programming and the time of day will make a huge impact on which audience will be exposed to them. Depending on the type of practice, an attorney could appeal to many needs that people have. Running attorney advertising commercials on the television can encourage people to call for help when they are in need.

However, it is wise to be mindful of the scheduling of the programs, so that the right audience can be targeted. There will be more success if one focuses the commercials to run during the day on channels that broadcast the more dramatic shows. If, perhaps your target audience is the retirees, then the previous suggestions will be ideal to appeal most to them. Then again, if the situation is more serious but they can't do much about it, they may be watching programs that have lighter thematic elements, so that they can escape the troubles of their current problems. You can diversify your programming exposure quite a bit, because running advertisements during the daytime will be seen by retirees. Running the advertisements during prime time programming will likely be very expensive no matter who you are trying to target.

If you are aiming the advertisements to working class people, it would be better to choose a media that they would be more exposed to. Running attorney advertising on the radio and on the internet would be the best form of media exposure to target people within the working class. On the way to work, people are listening to the radio in their car, or if they use public transportation, they would listen to shows over the internet. Radio morning shows are designed for working people to listen and be entertained while they are going to work. Almost always during morning shows, the anchors put in a plug for some of their sponsors rather than running commercials. This tends to be much more effective for all of the sponsors because the potential clients are already accustomed to listening to the voices of the anchors, and they may trust some of their opinions.

Another popular form of attorney advertising is running small commercial spots on the internet. These spots are short videos about thirty seconds long, that would precede a lot of online video content; especially the content available through news sites and even YouTube. The public has become accustomed to watch a thirty second spot before their content is played, just as long as the content itself is not interrupted. For these spots, there is not much time to include a full disclosure of what attorneys have to offer, so it is best to emphasize either the attorney's greatest skill and reputation, or whichever service is in highest demand at the time. This short and strong statement will be more likely to be remembered.