As we all look for ways to raise our online incomes more and more writers are choosing to diversify their writing. Many writers are starting niche sites and blogs and this should always be the first part of any online writer’s diversification plans.

Offline a business develops from a one-man operation to a multi-national publicly traded company by a series of steps. These steps include the owner moving his attention away from the everyday business of the company.

If writers have ambitions of increasing their income they need to move away from the business of doing all the writing themselves. There are not enough hours in the day for one person to write enough to ever become comfortably off.

Outsourcing is the classical solution to this dilemma, but that requires a financial investment that most writers do not have.

There is another way. You can set up large niche sites that are joint ventures with other writers. These maxi sites, with their multitude of writers will have lots of new content every day. This is the original concept behind sites like InfoBarrel and HubPages. The concept needs to be updated.

Article directories built for writers may have had their day. If you are looking for a third string to your bow you need your maxi site to be aimed at readers or searchers; it needs to be focused on a niche.

You can set up your maxi-site as a magazine site and gradually build up a large group of readers who log on regularly, or you can aim at search engines and optimise your posts and pages for specific key words. Google ™ has stated that people should not build sites for search engines, but build them for people. The logic is that search engines will go where people are.

You could always hedge your bets and set up both types of maxi site in case the rules of the game change again.

Keep the organisation of your maxi site simple. Let writers write and you handle everything else. You can outsource the “everything else” at a later date, but if the writers get fed up of writing because they have to upload pictures, edit it perfectly, format it just so, then your supply of content dries up and your site is dead in the water.

There are several ways of finding good and unique content without laying out a penny for it:

  • You set up your maxi site in an area in which writers want to write
  • You offer them a good, ideally 100%, Adsense share
  • You plug your site into the Postrunner guest posting system

The Postrunner guest posting system is something that is open to anyone who subscribes to The Keyword Academy. Other members send you guest posts, most of them are drivel, but you can either edit them or reject them. Even if you are very fussy you will find some good material being posted to your site. You can earn money from this material by putting ads around it and all you have to do is to leave the two links in each post intact.

Just by putting your website into the Postrunner system you have moved your business up to the next level; you have other people working for you, and you don’t even need to pay them.