If you are looking for some place to stash your cash or some small valuables, then there are a few ways to do this. You can purchase diversion safes, such as hidden wall safes, soup diversion safes and more if you get creative.

Basically diversion safes, are safes that look like household items. They blend into the house, and would be difficult for an intruder to find unless they knew what they were looking for.

One great diversion safe, is a book safe. This would work well if you are an avid reader and have shelves full of books. This way your diversion safe book would totally blend into the rest of the library.

If you don't read much but love to cook, then soup diversion cans would be another great way to go.

If you like the idea of a book safe, you can purchase these at sites such as Amazon for under 30 dollars in many cases, 2-Book Safes, Diversion Safe made with a Real Book or you can make your own. Making your own can take a little bit of patience and time, but this way you can turn thrift store books into useful safes for your shelves, and have as many as you want.

You will need

Thick hard covered book at least 2 inches thick

Xacto knife, or similar

Pen and ruler

Green felt to line your book safe

Glue gun and glue

Small trimming scissors


Take your book and open to the first flat page (this should be the first page, but some books the first page does not open flat, you may want to take this page out.)

Take your ruler and measure one inch around the entire page and mark this with your pen or pencil.

You should now have a rectangle drawn on the page. Now with your ruler and knife, slice through a few pages at a time and carefully remove the center of the pages.

Now turn to the first page that has not been cut, and place one of the cut outs on the page for a template and trace around it, and cut through a few more pages. Do this until you get through the entire book. Don't do too many pages at a time, or the edges won't be cut clean.

On the back cover cut out a piece of felt that fit's the back cover and glue it on with the glue gun. Now close the book pages and make sure they are trimmed well with the trimming scissors such as nail scissors work well for any rough edges you may have.

Now take a bead of glue and glue up the 4 corners of the pages, this stops the pages from opening, and around the bottom edge to glue it to the back cover. You can now finish this off better with some more felt cut to fit each side of the opening you have created.diversion safe book

Now you have a diversion safe book. You can use this for extra cash you like to keep or your small valuables. Once you put this book on the shelf with your other books you would never know.

These also would make great gift ideas for anyone you know who would like to stash their cash or valuables.

Diversion safes are a great way to keep your cash and valuables safe, as an intruder may not take the time to go through your whole collection of books. Just remember not to leave this book out on its own, such as on the coffee table, you should have it with other books on the shelf to deter an intruder.

Kids have taken a liking to having their very own secret hiding place for their treasures as well, so these can be great gifts for kids too! Also see Cheap Hidden Wall Safes and Cheap Personal Safe - Using Name Brand Soup Cans and How to Make Secret Safes and Stash Cans and Stash Cans - How to Make a Soup Can Safe for more ideas.