Whalesharks in open sea!

Cebu, Oslob

Who does not want to have the measure experience to dive or snorkle with a whaleshark? Since December a bunch of whalesharks are staying near the cost of Oslob in Cebu. Fishermann keep them there by feeding them. That may not be a good thing, but seeing this whalesharks passing you in open sea is one of the most amazing things you could do here in the Philipines. Let me first tell you how to get there:

Go to the Southern busstation in Cebu city. If you can afford it take a cab to this place, for people on a small budget there is also the possibility to get there by jeepney, just ask some local people how to get there.

Take the bus to Oslob at 3.30am, did should be around 150 pesos. Ask the driver or the ticketperson to stop at the place were you can dive with the whalesharks. Normally they should know the place. It should be after a 2h or 2.30h busdrive. You will have to leave so early because there will be less people when you arrive, and it is also the time this animals are looking for food. So unless you want a mediocre experience, wake up early. 

When you arrive at the place you will have to pay 300 pesos entrance fee. This is a governement tax and money for the fisherman who will take you to open sea. If you do not have your own snorkling gear, you can rent this for 100 pesos. Divers should bring there own gear.

You can snorkle for 20 minutes with this gentle giants, after that the boat will return to the shore.  If you are a homo economicus in good shape, you can also ask if it is possible to swim alone to the whalesharks, they are verry near the coast, and you can stay with them as long as you want.

After you swam with this giants, have some good fresh and cheap fish as breakfast. It would only cost you 25 pesos for a fish. If you want some vegetables and rice this is also possible. There are some beautifull waterfalls on the way back to Cebu. Maybe a good stop before hedding back?


Snorkling in Cebu