Children and divorce is certainly a hard subject to talk about.  However, when a couple is divorcing, maturity and working together to ensure their children's well-being goes a very long way.  Unfortunately, in most cases, children are subjected to hearing their parents fight and discussions regarding the upcoming divorce.  Children tend to feel insecure, worried if they will see their parents regularly.  This can lead to discipline problems at school as well as lower grades.  It would be a good idea to have a conference with your child/children's teacher, so the teacher can watch for changes in your child's behavior.

What can parents do to make life easier for their children?  Be mature.  Talk to your children about what will happen through your divorce proceedings.  Certainly they will feel better if they know what will be happening in the future.  Parents should not talk about the other parent to their children.  What good does it do?  This is where maturity comes in.  Act like an adult.  Your child's feelings should be top priority.  The truth is, children love both parents unconditionally.  Working together will be a real plus to your children's emotional stability.

Be fair to your children regarding visitation.  Divorce is hard enough on your child without them being shuffled back and forth between homes.  Pick a visitation schedule that benefits your children not necessarily you the parent.  Take one step at a time.  Parents can maneuver through a divorce, and hopefully when all is said and done, they can remain friends for their children's sake.  Divorce and your children doesn't have to be hopeless if parents strive to put their children first!

It's important to yourself and your children that you don't date for a while.  The adjustment period that your children go through will be an easier ride for them if they are not introduced to new people that you may consider dating.  Parents need to take time for themselves and live life as a single person.  Divorce is traumatic and you certainly are not ready for a relationship in the near future.  It is also advisable to consider counseling when you first get divorced.  Self-esteem issues and the feeling of being rejected are very common after a divorce.  Allowing these emotions to fester, and not do something about them doesn't help future relationships stay healthy.  A bright and healthy future awaits you!!