If you have been divorced for some time now and are considering remarriage here is some food for thought on divorce and remarriage. Getting remarried can be a wonderful thing but the one question that tends to nag those who will consider it is, Am I ready? You can actually find these answers to this very question if you will take the time, not rushing into anything, before you ponder on this thought.






First of all, the amount of time span between your actual divorce, not your separation, is very important. Healing in most cases begins after the actual divorce, unless you're an extraordinary kind of person. On the average, most people don't even realize there is a healing process. Those who are working on this process fall into three categories: 1) Those who can heal on their own; 2) Those that need help from others;






In the first category, (those who can heal on their own) don't be mistaken by the phrase. This does not mean they just exist and the healing from divorce happens. This means this type of person is proactive in the process. They realize how serious and traumatic divorce's affects can be to them and they take measures to begin and forward the process. These methods may be self help books, meditation, attending church or Bible Studies and praying.



Those in the second category (Those that need help from others), may be involved with some of the same things as the first category. They will also seek professional counseling, and possible seek friends or family members to talk to.



That being said, if you feel that you don't need a healing process, you are dead wrong. Divorce does its damage in every situation. Some is extreme damage and some may be minor. It is necessary in both cases to work through the healing process rather then overlapping another relationship which may lead possibly to a remarriage in trouble. Your very best chance in remarriage is to do your time in healing.






One of the processes in healing from divorce is to begin to find "who you are" again. Finding out "who you are" if you have been lost in a marriage of turmoil can be a complex process. Add another relationship on top of that does not mix too well. Give yourself some time, to grow, to appreciate life, to enjoy yourself and if you haven't in a while to love yourself more.



Remarriage is a wonderful thing with the right person, at the right time. One important thing to remember is, real love will wait to spend an entire life with you. You will be your very best with time to heal and will have your best foot forward to begin a brand new life with that special someone. When contemplating remarriage always remember that your baggage comes with you and unless you have addressed your issues and come to terms with them they will remain with you.