Coping with Dizzy SpellsCredit: morguefile.comDo you have trouble with dizziness? If you get up quick, or just for no reason at all you get that feeling of detachment, or loss of balance?

The first step is to get to the Doctor, as this could be any type of medical condition. 

But if you get the OK and you still get periods of lightheadedness and dizzy spells then give this tip a try, this worked well for me.

If you keep this exercise up, it gets better all the time.

Here is one simple exercise I learned to do, and it got rid of my dizziness and lightheadedness  completely!

Things You Will Need

A flat surface, such as your bed or the floor.

Step 1

For years, I had trouble with sudden rushes of dizziness. I had some ear trouble when I was younger, and sometimes when I am congested, this acts up. It is scarey, it can erode your confidence, because you don't know when you are going to get that feeling.

Sometimes it just feels a little light headed, but still it is scarey

Of course you should always check with your doctor for underlying conditions, but if you check out OK, then try this:

1. Lay flat on the bed or floor on your back. (I do this before I got to sleep each night in bed). Lay perfectly still and calm. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2. With your head staring straight upwards (like at the ceiling) quickly turn your head to the left without turning your body. Keeping your eyes closed and staying relaxed.

3. Keep in this position for at least 30 seconds to one minute.

4. Now turn your head back to your beginning position (staring at the ceiling) keep here for at least 30 seconds,

5. Now turn your entire body onto its right side, including your head for another 30 seconds. If it is time for bed, just go to sleep, otherwise carefully get up.

I am not sure the reasoning or the mechanix behind this, but it works quite well. I did this for 3 times a day for a week, and my dizziness and lightheaded spells left me. Now I do this once at night before sleep.

I decided, it must be a good thing, and have therefore been doing this exercise everynight when I get into bed. It also forces you to relax. Do not force anything, do not whip your head to the side, just go as far as is comfortable.

Once I got the worst of the dizziness and dizzy spells under control with this, I also started practicing, the "stork" as I call it. Where you stand on one leg and try to keep your balance, while staring at one object, this helped build my confidence, and stamina.

With both of these exercises, the first one being the most noticeable right away, I have been able to stay away from medications for dizziness. Test after test showed nothing really wrong, and my doctor said many people suffer with dizziness, vertigo and lightheadedness. Well if this is you, try the first exercise on this page, you will be surprised at how such a simple exercise can work.

I learned this from another patient who had dizziness, and her natural health practioner showed her this exercise. Give it a try, it can't hurt!

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Tips & Warnings

Always check with your doctor first!