If anyone who has seen the bloody beetroots before know that this duo from Venice have the ability to make seemingly normal people go crazy. When I saw them, they were not playing as Death Crew  77 (a live band) and they were playing at Mansion in Miami. All in all I was pretty happy that they were there spinning instead of their new format, although I would now like to see them as Death Crew 77.

The venue itself is great and spacious.  There aren't aren't multiple floors but there are multiple rooms that all run into each other. The people that come to the clubs in Miami are all beautiful and all dressed to the nines. None of them are shy about dancing and with a little bit of persistence and boldness, sans creepy you should have no problems getting a girl to dance with you. The in house DJ was great and played music much like the kind you would be listening to when the main DJ comes in, bloody beetroots in this case. As it gets closer to the time when the bloody beetroots take stage, the main floor and rooms connecting get pretty packed. Expect to get groped. The drink prices are EXTREMELY steep. If it is a busy night, they will not take you credit card unless you make a 30$ minimum purchase. So be sure to either bring cash or pre-game before going out.  

Bloody Beetroots:
They started out the night playing the Steve Aoki remix of Warp. They play all your favorite songs plus some to get you going and stay crazy. The vibe from everyone, male and female, throughout the entire night was pretty crazy. If you are expecting to be standing around just bobbing and weaving as if you are at a Armin Concert then you are in for a surprise. Much of the people up from are all more or less jumping around and moshing. They will end the night with Bob Rifo Singing Warp and then almost running to get out of the club before anyone can chant for one more song.

If you haven't seen these guys live then you gotta go. It's fun and exciting. Just be sure to do your drinking ahead of time cause the prices are terrible.

bloody beetroots