DoFollow Bookmark Sites in another of the commonly created Pligg bookmarking sites. It is a decent enough site with slightly over 4,000 indexed pages. I haven’t had an account with them for too long so can’t tell you how quickly they get indexed. It appears to be a moderately successful site, but not an exceptional site to get links from.

Quick Facts about DoFollow Bookmark Sites:

Easy Indexing: YES
Easy to Use: YES
Revenue Share: NO
DoFollow: YES
Profile URL Link: YES

Page Rank 4

As with all the other Pligg sites the number one thing that I require is that the site has dofollow links. I can deal with almost anything else and this site does have dofollow links going to your pages. What you need to do to create a scoop with this site is to enter your URL, the site then picks up your title automatically, enter a description, add in some keywords, and submit. This process should be pretty familiar to anyone who has ever used a bookmarking site.

I made a few bookmarks and linked the site into my chain of bookmarking profiles. I’m creating my chain of profiles alphabetically just so that I can keep track of which site links into which. To create your profile link you just hit the modify button on the profile page and enter any URL into the Homepage section. I’m linking all my sites together as I create these little reviews and so far only 3 profile (or submit history) pages are indexed.

I like this site a bit more than most of the Pligg sites but not as much as many others. Once I get all finished with my reviews I’ll come up with some sort of rating system to let everyone know which ones that I like the best.

If you have the time to add one more bookmarking site into your collection than add this one in. If your time is limited to just a couple of the best sites then I’d suggest putting this one on the back burner until you have more time to babysit it.

After bookmarking and letting things sit for a week all my bookmarks have indexed on this site. It has become an easy indexing site in my list.

DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites