Creative Stencil Art for your Home

How to make beautiful stencils for your home


There are many ways of defining how your home looks, how you want it to look and what you would use to decorate, to make it look better .We are talking about decorating the interior of your home, in an easy, fast pocket friendly way .This is a do it yourself technique to create decorative art to suit your home’s decor.

Here,you can be as creative as possible.It is also environmentally friendly,since you can put that waste paper to good use.


This type of art is especially suited for the interior, since most of the material used is actually paper.


We’re talking about stencil decorative pieces .They are easily available in the home and even in the office .Stencils can actually be created from any material you choose. Look around you .Yes , those pieces of paper, vinyl , cardboard , crepe , ….name it , the list is endless! You can even choose a desired background for your pieces.


Your wall background should obviously complement your chosen stencil colour.This would make your piece blend in more, than if you were to use a conflicting colour.


Let’s first define what a stencil is . It’s actually a piece of material ,cut out to a specific design ,which is then put into use to produce a desired piece of art .The stencil is used to prevent the paint from getting into areas that do not require painting. You can use a paint brush or sponge to apply colour .By application of aerosol paint ,powder paint, oil-based paints or any other colour medium, you can use the following modes of application : Painting, spraying and dabbing. Each application method produces a unique impression.


It doesn’t take long to make a stencil. There are different styles to choose from and this can be anything you fancy, ranging from fingers, fruits, flowers and even letters and numbers.Choose graphics that easily blend with your room like the stars and moon, for your bedroom ,spoons and ladles for your kitchen, names of your favourite places and destinations, book titles and words and phrases you like ,for your study.


Remember, creativity is the norm here, so you can cut out anything that piques your imagination .You can also use patterns for a continuous and captivating look .Choose captivating colours that capture imagination and give life to your room.


The art of stencil printing is, an age-old technique that is still in use even today.