Many Americans have allergies and the symptoms can be quite severe to the point that they are debilitating.  For those that have severe symptoms allergy shots can be of benefit.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start this type of treatment you need to consult with your doctor to figure out which substances you are allergic to. Some allergies such as pollen can be treated with shots but food allergies can’t be treated with shots. Your doctor will be able to determine which shots will be the best for you and your individual situation.

They Take Time

You cannot expect allergy shots to work right away; they take time to work on your condition. You may have to get them two or more times per week over the course of several months. You’ll work through the build-up phase where you’ll get increasing amounts for 1-2 times per week and then you’ll go through the maintenance phase where you’ll only get them every 2-4 weeks or so. This maintenance phase can last for several years.


You could have an allergic reaction to the shots which can be very serious so you need to keep this in mind before getting them. Talk to your doctor about the risks and any other options that might help you before you get shots done. The reactions will occur right away so this and since you would be in the doctor’s office you can be treated for the reaction there.

They Don’t Always Work

This type of therapy can vary from person to person. Some can be cured right away while others have little or no benefit from the shots. Most patients do get some reduction in symptoms after having these shots done. The allergy also has a risk of coming back once the shots are done.

Shots are Your Choice

You can get results with allergy shots but it all depends on your individual allergy and your body’s reaction to the shots. For some people they will see relief right away while others may have to continue to get shots for some time.  For other patients the shots might not work at all and there’s a risk that the shots can cause allergic reactions for some people. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you decide to get any type of allergy shot.