As any experienced pool owner is likely to tell you, one of the most important aspects to owning a pool is keeping up with a routine maintenance. This is important because if you slack off or lag during the cleansing process, your pool is likely to become infiltrated with disgusting germs, causing it to lose its natural beauty and eye-popping appeal. Your pool water will easily collect leaves, germs (especially green and black algae), as well as other natural falling debris from the plant life nearby. If you do not take the preventative measures to put an end to this natural cycle, the water within your pool will become unusable and you'll soon be in over your head with regard to pool maintenance.

The aforementioned problems which all occur naturally are what bring me to mentioning an automatic pool cleaner. The name itself is fairly accurate in describing what this small object can do for you. Once you have had to clean your pool from falling leaves and other disgusting things, you'll be able to fully appreciate the uses of an automatic pool cleaner.

There are many different models which can make pool maintenance easier, specifically the suction side pool cleaner, which works very well with a fiberglass pool. This type of cleaner sucks to the side of your pool with a specially designed body and begins to suck in water at a rapid rate. The suction pulls in all of the objects within the water which are then sucked up by the cleaner and held inside.

In addition to the aforementioned specific model, there are also different types of cleaners which have a much more powerful suction force. These models fit directly over the return valve inside of the pool, allowing it to pull in a much more debris. It moves out into the middle of the pool, able to climb up the walls of the pool, and suck up the debris. It also has its own special bag to collect the debris, allowing it to vanish right before your very eyes.

The most expensive models of automatic pool cleaners top out at $1000, which might sound like a large amount at first, but when you compare it to the amount of time and money you will save doing this manually, it is actually a bargain. Instead of having to slave over keeping a clean pool day in and day out, instead you will be relaxing by the side of it while your machine does the work for you. As the saying goes, time is money, and by spending an additional bit of it up front, you'll be saving it over and over throughout the years of ownership.