In recent times, there has been growth in the number of social media sites aimed towards supporting print releases and other eBooks. Although these charts may be largely informal, they generate a platform where readers and authors interact, share, ask questions and also have fun. However, the increasing number of social media sites has come with its own negative side. Many readers are now distributed in different sites hence it is normal to find one with as little as ten people. In order to attract readers to a particular site and make them followers, incentives such as book giveaways are needed.

Many authors are not comfortable with the idea of providing free material to a reader just to get a following. They feel it is completely insane that giving a reader a book on one occasion will prompt him or her to attempt buying another. In fact it might turn out that the reader will be traversing different chart rooms with the hope of getting other book giveaways. However, this is not the case. In real sense, book giveaways encourage a reader to research more about the book, the author and even complement books in situations where it is a part of a series. In addition an author who has a few book giveaways under his or her name may develop a faithful following that will be of benefits in social media sites and bookstores.

There is still need to govern giveaways so that an author may not find himself giving out an entire catalogue. If readers throughout the world get word that a certain author is offering free books, then sure enough all his or her social media followings will be filled with readers with only one intention in their mind. In the end, the author may discover that he or she has given out an entire catalogue to readers without realizing any profits. This situation may be frustrating since those who are always winning books may end up purchasing none.

Book giveaways have always worked in accordance to authors intentions other than against them. The few instances where the process has backfired are largely attributed to poor management of giveaways. In order for this process to work effectively, authors should take it more as a marketing procedure than a platform for impressing the general public. A few giveaways are enough ton market your works since with the fast spreading web 2.0, your readers will be able to convey a lot of information about your books to other individuals who will in turn strive to own a copy.

While gifts other than giveaways may slowly increase your popularity among readers, there are other tricks that promise to attract more sales and not just another following with no sales such trick is to write a prequel or a sequel of the story the book you are marketing is all about then offer it as a prize to a lucky contest winner. This will give the winner an increased appetite for getting the real book which will of course not be found on a free giveaways forum but rather in a bookstore. This idea will surely promote your work as well as sales effectively.