Christians don't do that!........ or do they?

Some Common Myths about Christians.

1. Christians were all born as ''little goody two shoes'' and have never done anything wrong.

This isn’t true at all - why would we need a saviour if we were all perfect? Jesus Christ said that he came to save sinners. we all lived in the world in the past ;

2. Christians are naïve or gullible

 God tells us to have wisdom, and to ask for wisdom if we do not have it. (James 1.5). We have all lived in the world and therefore we know what goes on in it. Besides, how are we to pull people out of bad things if we do not even accept that those bad things exist?
We are to think about good things, and strive for good, But we don't do that by being blinkered and pretending that evil does not exist. We are to be aware of the devil’s devices.

3. Christians are doormats - they always ''turn the other cheek ''

God does not demand that Christians allow others to walk all over them. He wants us to have a good life! He does ask us to forgive. There is a vast difference between being forgiving and allowing people to walk all over you. Sometimes the right and Godly response is to take a stand.
(see Galatians 6.1)

4. Christians only ever talk about God so they are boring.

John 10.10 tells us that Jesus came so we could live to the full.
Yes we Christians talk about God and his word - we have the ministry of reconciliation - but we do have every right to talk about other things too! We are allowed to enjoy life.
Paul also said we should be all things to all men - in other words we are to meet people on the common ground we have to be accepted by them, so then they will hear us when we witness to them about God.

5. Christians should not drink or smoke.

The Bible does say '' be ye not drunk with wine'' It does not say ' never have an alcoholic drink. The first miracle that Jesus did was to turn water into wine, and he wouldn’t have done that if God thought alcohol was evil. It is about  keeping a sensible balance. You should be able to socialize and enjoy a drink without becoming raging drunk and allowing the devil to take control.
Smoking isn't good for our health, and God wants us healthy. But there is no specific commandment about smoking.

6. Christians should go to bed early.

There is nothing in the bible about when to get up or when to sleep. Christian teaching that attempts to control others to this extent are dubious to say the least.

7. Christians dress in an old-fashioned or dowdy way

The bible says woman should dress themselves with good works and not finery - but that is not the same as saying we should all dress in sackcloth. The virtuous woman (proverbs 31) makes and wears fine clothing of scarlet and purple.

8. Christians do not like rock music!

Really? Tell that to all the Christian rock bands!! God says '' make a joyful noise to the Lord'' ( Psalms 100.1) He does not specify the genre.
Of course there are lyrics which are anti-God - and that is a different matter - and possible in any type of music.

9. Christians will shun ''bad '' people

Jesus ate and associated with the publicans and sinners. He spent time with those he came to save - and we are to do his works ( John 14.12). We are also told not to judge..( Mathew 7.1) we are all short of perfection and should not be looking at the faults of others. God is no respecter of persons. If we were to stay away from anyone who did anything wrong we would never talk to anyone, including ourselves.

10. Christians go to church every Sunday / Saturday, so they wont work

The church is not a building or at any specific time - it is the body of Christ, all the time . The Old Testament law of the Sabbath is not applicable to us, and was in any case perverted by the Pharisees... Jesus got into trouble with them for healing (doing his work ) on the Sabbath day. It is good to attend a church to spend time with other Christians, to praise God, and to pray. But Christians are as grateful for the doctors, nurses, fireman, and many other people who work on Sundays to benefit us all.

11. Christians do not accept science.

In fact often science proves just how much God has done.

There is a protein in the human body called lanonin that holds others together.... it is in the shape of a cross
The big bang theory states that the universe began in a flash of light and that it all just happened for no reason out of nothing.
God says that he created it out of nothing, and then said ‘let there be light’ and there was light. ( Genesis 1)
often Science describes how things are, and how they work, while faith shows us the reason.


I hope this has shown that Christians are not strange, scary or boring people. They are real and diverse people who have found out, or always believed that there is a God who loves us. There are many ways of worshipping God.

The basis of Christianity is in the two commandments that Jesus gave - These say to love God, and to love other people.  Those who are harsh, judgemental or a little weird are not following this but some idea creating by man. That isn't what true Christianity is about. it is about the way we live and how we treat others, and about trust in our saviour Jesus and our Father God.

God bless.