Have you ever wondered why some people love to wear crazy t-shirts? It isn't that these folks are as insane as the shirts they wear; they just found an inexpensive and fun way to make a fashion statement. Chock it up to good old American freedom of speech. Nothing feels as liberating as declaring your odd-ball beliefs by proclaiming them loudly across your chest for the world to see.

Who Invented These Crazy T-Shirts?

When you check out some of the wild designs and sayings of the modern crazy shirt, it makes you wonder who thought of putting shocking statements on a garment. Not only that, but the first crazy shirt inventor actually had to venture out in public to test the reactions of the village folk. I can only assume that the inventor enjoyed the attention so much, that a new fashion style was born.

Slogans On Tees Became Popular In The 1960's

The fashion trends of the 1960's gave way to wacky, wild, and colorful tee designs like tie-dye patterns, peace signs, butterflies, and even marijuana leaves. The slogans were designed to let off steam at the "establishment" and to feel like part of the same social movement. In that sense, today's tee still does the same thing.

Brave Enough To Wear This?

Crazy T-Shirts Are Not Just For The Young

You don't have to be a young rebel to wear wacky shirts with provocative slogans. Nothing says young-at-heart like a senior citizen wearing a tee that says, "WISH I HAD A HEARING AID SO I COULD TURN YOU OFF". Crazy tees are perfect for the feisty grandpa or grandma who enjoys revving up their blood circulation by watching the reaction of people around them.

Politically Incorrect Tshirts

Politically incorrect tees are perfect for folks with strong opinions and a sense of humor. These shocking shirts tell the world what you really think about today's world issues and political agendas. They say politics makes strange bedfellows; I say politics make even stranger tees. It does take a certain amount of "hutzpah" to walk around a crowded mall in Rio Grande, Texas wearing a tee that says, "WELCOME TO AMERICA, NOW SPEAK ENGLISH".

Grabbing Attention Any Way You Can

What better way of standing out in a crowd than by wearing a big slogan across your chest that has a picture of a small sailboat and says, "QUIT PLAYING WITH YOUR DINGHY"? These types of crazy tees get people laughing. Another good reason to wear an attention-grabbing shirt is simply because people secretly admire those who are brave enough to walk around in this world not worrying about what other people think.

There Is A Crazy T-Shirt For Everyone

Fashion trends come and go, but one clothing item will always remain the same. The basic structure of the simple t-shirt will never go out of style. This t-shaped piece of fabric with one hole for the head and two for the arms is the easiest item of clothing to put on. It's as comfortable as your best friend.

Every single age group on the planet can find some type of tee that works just for them. Even pets are wearing the latest in crazy shirt design. If the simple tee is good enough for Paris Hilton's Chihuahua's, it's certainly good enough for you and me.

T-shirt photo credit: By Everyone's Thoughts (Own Work) www.creativecommons.org