There is a lot of information going around lately regarding hair implants for men and whether they actually work to cure baldness. The answer to that is yes and no. I know, you really hate it when someone says yes and no but in this case it makes sense and I will show you why.

To me a cure for baldness would me you get the hair follicles which have stopped producing hair shaft material to start building hair again. In reality this is not going to happen because once the hair follicle has been rendered ineffective due to attack by DHT there is not much you can do to help it. Once the follicle stops producing it is quickly covered in fibrotic material which basically encases it so it does not have any hope of further life. So the answer is no, hair implants do not cure baldness in this strict sense.

And Yes, hair implants for men cure baldness because they allow you to have hair growing on your bald spot once again. The majority of hair loss in men is caused by a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia. The common name is male pattern baldness. When a man suffers from this condition he loses his hair on the top of the head and develops bald spots. The interesting point is that the hair contiues to grow at the back of the head. This means there are ample growing hair follicles at the posterior scalp area which can be uses for the hair restoration surgery. The surgeon can remove the hair from the donor site and them insert them into the scalp at the bald area. This gives a great looking head of hair for the patient. Of course this is not the cheapest method for treating hair but it is the most effective. You can expect to have these new hairs growing for years on end.

Nowadays, hair restoration in the United States will cost somewhere between $4,000 and $18,000 varying on the area that needs to be treated together with the skill of your surgeon. Additional situations will likely be suggested, but the fee will remain a one-off outlay and typically no extra costs should be charged for medications, consultations or visits. A few doctors will have a pre-set fee, not actually basing it by the number of hairs or follicles transplanted; instead these surgeons reckon the costs by the measurement of the transplanted area.