Do Healthy Dessert Recipes Exist Or Should I Never Eat Sweets Again?

Do Healthy Dessert Recipes Exist Or Should I Never Eat Sweets Again?

Let’s be honest, people who say you can have your cake and eat it too, may just be trying to justify their sweet tooth cravings. But is it actually possible that there is such a thing as healthy dessert recipes? It all depends on how you define healthy. The problem with the term is that it has become so broad in scope. People who eat low-fat cookies with fat free milk and those who only eat spelt bread and organic cocoa are both wholeheartedly of the belief that they are eating a “healthy” dessert option, but only one of them is.

If you are choosing the best food, which will always be the most natural foods possible and want a healthy dessert option, skip the low-fat brownie package and head straight for the organic, natural foods section. The truth is that your overall health can be severely affected by chemically created foods and chemically manipulated foods. Low fat, fat free, and sugar free are charged up with so many unhealthy chemical substitutes, most of which your body doesn’t even recognize as food.

3 Tips to Better Help Your Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Sugar Secrets
1.    Unprocessed Fruits should be On Your Healthy Dessert List

Artificial sweeteners may be low on the calorie side because most of them rack up zero calories, which makes them so enticing. All the same, prepared sweets are laden with high fructose corn syrup and a smattering of un-heart healthy substances. There are dozens of delicious ways to make healthy desert recipes by avoiding sugar, sugar-free substitutes, like Sweet ‘N Low, aspartame, and Sucralose. Bake an apple with cinnamon and honey. It will caramelize and come out gooey and delicious just like an apple pie without the fat fueling hydrogenated oils found in most prepared pie crusts and without the sugar spike that white sugar and all other substitutes cause.

2.    Listen to Your Liver to Amp Up the Results of Your Diet Program

If you want to know why eating foods in their natural state is so much better for your waistline and overall weight loss goals, then you must understand how to listen to your liver. The liver is the single most important organ for health weight loss and weight management. Why? It is responsible for your metabolic process, and since it supports the digestive system and helps it keep running smoothly, the liver’s job is to break down all of the food that enters your body. If you are pouring fake sugar or real sugar into your liver it will be preoccupied with cleansing the system of toxins which can lead to fat storage, constipation, gas, and misunderstood hunger cues.

3.    Zero Calories also Means Zero Nutrition

Just because a food claims to have zero calories that doesn’t make it a food, and it doesn’t make it a healthy choice. A calorie is never just a calorie, and in this case artificial sugar and chemicals don’t even register with your body as being a food. We are so obsessed with counting calories that we have missed the point entirely of healthy eating.

Redefine Habits to Understand Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Your body was designed to distinguish between healthy nutrients and minerals and toxins. If the body is constantly playing referee for your body’s poor “food” choices, then you will be lacking in overall nutrition, which leads to lethargy, weight gain, and fatigue. A vicious cycle begins where you don’t have the energy to exercise, nor the motivation to change your eating habits, and instead stay on the couch eating those sugar-free ice cream sandwiches wondering why you can’t lose weight!