overweight does not mean lonely

One of the biggest questions that dating experts get is about physical attributes and how buff you have to look to attract women. No one will deny that people whom are in good shape tend to appear more attractive to the opposite sex, but believe it or not it is only a small fraction of the entire picture. Having a few extra pounds around the waist should not stop you from getting a few numbers and dates so do not think negatively. Here are a few things that will help you attract women without having the body of a movie star on a superhero role.

Get Off The Couch

The problem is not that you are a little overweight; it is probably that you are not doing anything about it. Women are more likely to want to go out on a date if they see that you are not a couch potato. Besides if you spend the day watching TV or playing video games you are not really giving yourself a chance to meet women. Are you really expecting them to come through the door and throw herself in your arms while asking you what cookies you would like her to bake? That is an awesome fantasy, but it will never happen.

Get Moving

Even if you are overweight there are a few things that you can do that will get you moving. Take your dog for an hour-long walk if you have one. Take on hiking, or go around the block a few times. You will notice that a week into your “get out” routine you will start looking better. There are a few reasons for that, the more obvious one is that you feel a little burst of energy every time that you move a little more and that makes you walk taller and with better posture. Another one is that sweat gets rid of toxins and so the skin looks better. Not bad for something that is fun doing anyway, don’t you think?

Be More Fun

This is where some guys with some extra pounds get it all wrong. Being more fun does not mean being the jolly big guy. You should not use self-deprecating humor as much either. Being more fun means taking a few more chances; doing things that you would not do otherwise. Take a weekend trip somewhere that you always wanted to go to but never did. Work on being a happier person that people want around not because you are an easy joke but because you are a great guy to have around. Being more fun will automatically give you more confidence and confidence is the best “chick magnet” there is.

Work On Your Look

Being a big guy does not mean that you aren't good-looking, but it does men that you have to work on your appearance a bit more. That means that when you go out you need to make sure that you wear the right clothes, that you groom well and that you use good deodorant. A lot of the women you ask will tell you that a guy that smells clean (not the smell of cologne) is a lot more attractive to them. Follow those tips and you will realize that you do not have to have a six-pack to enjoy a drink in your next date.