If you end up working a customer service job, or starting a business that requires a lot of phone usage you may need to set up your own home office. All I do is blog mainly, so my computer stays in the living room. When I make videos I just wait until I am alone, and make them during when it is quiet.

 Most customer agent jobs require you work in a quiet place. In these types of jobs it is very important to have background noise drowned out. If you work for yourself it can be a real treat, having your own small office.

Think about it this way, you don't want to work where there is distractions, do you? I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and because of the way things are hooked up I have no choice but to leave my computer in the living room. If I can't concentrate, I take a pen and paper to the bedroom and write.

 If your work doesn't require you to speak to customers, then a privet office make not be as mandatory. If you got the room and money, then you can consider getting a home office set up. If a home office is not really needed, don't spend the money thinking you need it.

 Setting up a spot for work at home task can be expensive, if you don't already have the space or equipment needed. If you are not sure if you should set up a home office, here is some suggestions to help you.


  • You are a freelance writer, to concentrate you may need a quiet spot to work sometimes, however I wouldn't go as far as to set up an office right away.

  • You make money blogging. If you publish your own blogs and write your own content, an office probably is not really needed.

  • You work at home as a customer service representative, and are on the phone on very long calls. In this scenario you will need a quiet area to work. Quiet because your dealing with customers.

  • You live alone. Well if you live alone in an apartment or house, then you probably won't have to stress so much about a work at home office space. Chances are you could work from any room In your house.

 If you are going to be working for a company from home you should find out through them what all is needed to set up a home office, a lot of companies will require you to have a hardwired high speed internet connection and a quiet spot to work.

Since I am blogging as a hobby I can easily just sit in the living room of my apartment and do it. However, when its noisy I have to retreat to my bedroom and write out ideas for articles.

As you can see there is no yes or no certain answer to this question. Reason being that under certain circumstances you won't need an office. It depends on a lot of factors.

I hope the information in this article will help people in deciding if they need a home office to work at home.