Did you know that fireplaces are very inefficient? Sure, they look nice and romantic, but what people think is their primary purpose, i.e. heat source, they do not do well.

Studies reveal that only 10-20% of the heat generated by the fire goes into the room. The rest is absorbed by the surrounding surface and sent out the chimney.

This is a discouraging fact, especially to those who like a traditional fire made with wood or coal – so little gain for so much work.

In order to get more heat, a fireplace reflector must be used. A fireplace reflector is a piece of tempered steel that looks like a mirror placed at the back of a fireplace.

It reflects the warmth generated by the fire back into the room and increases the overall heat in the area by about 40%.

Not only that, it also shields the back wall of the fireplace from direct heat thus prolonging its life. Ordinarily, fireplaces made of bricks and mortar crack and crumble over time because of having to withstand many cycles of heating and cooling.

The mirror-like surface also serves as a good magnification of the flames for an extra cozy and intimate feel. Local hardware and home improvement stores have at least one kind of fireplace reflector.

They cost somewhere around $130-$250, depending on the size and the brand. Online fireplace supply stores also carry them. In order to determine what size to get, measure out the space between the back wall and the grate.

Heat reflectors are free standing so they do not need complicated installations. They just have to be placed there at the back with the grate resting between its stands.

Chimney sweeps or other measurement-savvy professionals can be hired to take the dimensions; some do this free of charge along with ordering the product for the customer as well. So do your research and get a fireplace reflector so you can save money and enjoy more heat in your home.