Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis?  Maybe you've just read enough about this painful condition to ascertain that you do indeed suffer from this common condition?  Whatever the case, there's a good chance you've started looking for ways to get rid of the pain.  Doing a quick Google search yields something like four hundred and fifty nine "quick, easy and cheap" cures for plantar fasciitis.  One such cure is the night splint.  Also known as a night boot, this awkward looking contraption is designed to keep your plantar fascia tendon stretched out during the night - offering relief for that morning heel pain most with PF are forced to endure.

Do I really need a night splint though?

The truth is...  probably not.  Most doses of plantar fasciitis are of the mild variety and can be cured without the aid of a Strassburg Sock or similar product.  In this article, we'll look at a few different things you should try before resorting to some kind of a night boot.

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Helping - Not Hindering

I recently read that over the course of a lifetime, most people walk enough to cover the circumference of the earth three times.  That's a lot of walking!  Asking our feet to take the brunt of every one of these steps alone is pretty unreasonable.  Their tough, but not that tough!  In order to minimize the impact your foot takes, make sure the shoes you wear feature some kind of a shock absorbing action.  You want the shoes to take most of the impact - not your feet.

You don't have to go crazy with fancy custom made runners for plantar fasciitis or anything.  Just make sure the footwear you sport is supportive and comfortable.  Most people who suffer from PF or similar conditions are guilty of wearing old shoes with worn down soles.

Consider Using Orthotic Insoles Or Heel Cups

If your shoes are up to snuff and you've still managed to catch a bout of PF, you may need to try inserting a pair of orthotics into your favorite kicks.  All our feet are uniquely shaped.  There's a chance that the shape of your foot doesn't really work with the profile of your shoe.  A decent pair of insoles can act as a nice soft buffer between your foot and the sole of your shoe - alleviating some of the stress your plantar fascia is under.

Just like the shoes, there is no need to buy something custom made when it comes to orthotics.  Any reputable podiatrist will tell you that a $7 pair of Dr. Scholls will function the same way as $50 - $200 orthotics.

Stretch The Tendon Yourself!

All a night splint does is stretch the plantar fascia.  There's no reason you can't help cure your plantar fasciitis by stretching out the foot yourself.  There are two specific exercises I've done in the past to tame the beast.  The great thing about the two stretches outlined below is the fact that you can perform them while sitting on the sofa!

The Towel Pull

While sitting on the sofa, extend your legs straight out.  If you don't have an ottoman, you'll need to find a way to keep your feet up off the floor - somewhat level with your hips.  Now throw the middle of a towel around your aching foot.  Set the towel to the middle so it's resting towards the top of your foot - right where the plantar fascia starts to become the toes.  Now pull back on towel while keeping your heel on the ottoman.  The goal is to stretch out the bottom of your foot.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds or so.  Repeat 10 times.

The Can Roll

This is a very popular method of dealing with various types of foot pain.  Simply place a can on the floor and roll your foot slowly back and forth on it.  This exercise can be done with a water bottle as well.  Put some ice water in it for a nice cooling effect.

Who Should Use A Night Splint Then?

The majority of men and women suffering from plantar fasciitis can find complete relief with the methods discussed above.  If, after six weeks or so, the pain is still there, you may need to try a night splint of some kind.  For more information on these products, check out the Strassburg Sock reviews on Amazon - They speak for themselves.