Favors for Baby ShowerYour best friend is hosting a baby shower for you and wants to know what you want to give as baby shower favors to your guests. Do I really have to think about that? Are favors even expected by guests at a baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers included giving small gifts, or favors, to the guests who attended. Favors are simply a way to show gratitude to the guest for joining you in celebrating your pregnancy and the impending arrival of your baby.

Baby shower favors, especially unique ones, also provide lasting memories of the special day for everyone.Favors are generally small tokens of appreciation, ranging in price from less than $1.00 to as much as $10.00, sometimes more. They are usually small and relevant to any theme.

Types of favors stretch the gamut. They may be practical, gags, food, candy, useful, personalized, big, small, and anything else you can imagine. Like several other baby shower traditions, they are not always used for baby showers and are certainly not required. In fact, I don't think I've been to but one baby shower that gave guests a favor.

The easiest way to choose what baby shower favors to give is to choose a theme for the baby shower. Not only are favors easier to pick with a theme, but they will usually be more fun too. But whether you have a theme or the theme is just baby, you can be very creative when deciding on a favors.

Ideas for baby shower favors:

1. Plastic or glass bottles or tins filled with candy or gum. Both or either of the contents and the container can be personalized.

2. Candles shaped like something related to baby. Candles can be shaped like pretty much any object, such as, bottle, carriage, rattle, or duck.

3. Custom made iced cookies work with any theme or can just be baby items in general.

4. Candy bars wrapped in pink or blue. Wrappers may have a special saying.

5. Soap or personalized bottles of hand sanitizer. Soap may be formed into as many objects as candles and come in a variety of shapes.

6. Tape measurer shaped like something relevant to a baby.

7. Lip balm or lotions, sometimes the containers are personalized.

8. Picture frames and picture frame coasters.

9. Towel favors shaped like something related to the shower, such as rattle, ice cream or sucker.

10. Sachets made to look like something else related to the baby or the shower theme.

Basically any item can be used as a favor. It seems that almost every type of favor can be personalized. They might be personalized with baby's name and the date of the shower, or other information relevant. If you intend to get anything personalized you must plan ahead and order with plenty of time to receive the items. It usually takes several days or even weeks for personalized items to arrive.

You may want to write a special poem showing your gratitude that you attach to each favor, or which is the favor. To make a special poem or saying the actual favor use special paper and roll it to look like a scroll. This might be good for a book themed baby shower. Handwriting these instead of printing them on a computer make them more special and archival pieces.

A good price range for a basic favor for a baby shower is $1.00 - $3.00. In addition to picking out individual favors you can also buy a party favor cake. Basically favor boxes shaped like cake pieces are put together to look like a cake, which may be multi-tiered depending on the number of favors required.

The price per favor box is about $1.00 a piece, but can be more. The boxes are empty and must be filled with something. These favor cakes make excellent decorations as well and usually are available in 3 sizes and either pink, blue or white.

Instead of purchasing baby shower favors, you may choose to make them. Handmade baby booties filled with candy are nice gifts. If your shower happens to be around Christmas, handmade ornaments are good favors. You might also make small booklets of the recipes used for the food at the shower. Everyone will appreciate new recipes. You may also consider including older siblings, the hostess, or children of the hostess in the decision on favors.

Baby shower favors can be found in discount stores, department stores and online stores. There are websites galore dedicated to helping you plan a baby shower, including choosing the baby shower favors. Searching online allows you to search according to baby's gender, the theme of the shower, or simply the type of gift you are looking for. Favors that are useful in some way, even for a short time, are often more likely to be kept by the recipient.