3D TV - Whats it all About and should I buy one.

Should I buy a 3D TV

As 3D TVs  gradually get more exposure and increasing number of titles become available on blue ray  whats the fuss all about. Is the cost worth it and should we all rush out and purchase one ?

The first question to has to be does the technology actually work ? The answer is most definitely yes. Whats more it probably works as well as 3D technology works in the cinema. The problem is there are a limited number of titles currently available  and   3D movie making hasn`t always reached its potential, however gaming production has developed more quickly.  Using your 3D TV with playstation games can provide a stunning experience . The extra dimension its gives you in racing games for example provides a real feeling for the space around you and increases the playability and gaming experience immensely.

3D technology adds depth to each screen so the images seem to come from behind the TV. However when watching films it is debatable whether the viewing experience is significantly enhanced. This reinforces the the point that maybe it is the films which are the issue not the technology. Watching live sport on a 3D TV does however give you that enhance viewing experience. The technology puts you closer to the event and action. In conjunction with surround sound the 3D TV really does do its job. To see a football flying towards you can be a thrilling experience

The best bit about 3D TV is that it makes gaming mind blowing and also makes  an occasion out of watching a movie or sports event however there is a drawback. There is the need to keep attention on the screen at all times. As soon as you look away the 3D effect is broken - not great for family or social viewing.  The other drawback of course is the over all cost of the systems,  as the technology is new and the  fact you have to wear glasses.  The specialist glasses are expensive but new systems will come with up to 4 pairs. 

So should we all rush out an buy a 3D TV ?  The answer is probably yes but only if you are already considering a new TV purchase.  If you can wait you might as well wait. As with all technology as it takes off more content will appear and prices will decrease and technology will improve. 3D TVs are likely to become the norm eventually but in my opinion it will take a few years.