This is not something you want to wait to do until winter has begun and the cold weather has started. You really need to make sure you fix and prepare everything before you need to use them. Most of all that includes your furnace.

If you have a carrier furnace this article will help you with your Carrier furnace repair. One of the most common problems is that a furnace is turned on, but it wont produce any heat.

The first solution to this is to check to see if the circuit breaker or the power is cut off your Carrier furnace is any way. Also be sure to see if it needs to have a pilot light turned on.

If that doesn't do the trick here are a few other things you can try. First, make sure you have your thermostat set correctly. If you don't actually have it set to heat then that is most likely the reason it is not working properly. Also, be sure to set it to a temperature that will actually turn on so you can test it.

Another issue you may run into while doing Carrier furnace repair is that your furnace is running, but it shuts off randomly.

This is most likely caused by an overly dirty air filter because it makes it difficult for the air to pass through that it puts too much pressure on the motor and it shuts itself down for safety reasons.

This can also happen because the blower motor needs to be repaired or maybe the problem is in your thermostat.

The best solution to this common furnace problem is to check the thermostat heat anticipator. After that you should clean or replace any dirty air filters. Then you can lubricate the oil blower ports.

If that still doesn't fix your Carrier furnace you should also check the belt to see if it has the proper tension. If the belt is too lose make sure to tighten it. If the belt is fraying you should get it replaced.

Is your Carrier furnace making a lot of noise while it is running? Maybe it is squealing or it sounds like a jet is taking off in your house? Well... thankfully there are solutions for those as well.

If you hear that squealing sound when your furnace is running it is usually caused by a blower belt slipping or by a lack of lubrication in the shaft or motor bearings.

If you hear that loud rumbing sound it may be due to a under lit pilot light or by dirty gas burners. You should go and see if the pilot light needs to be adjusted.

Doing your own Carrier furnace repair can save you money, but if the above tips don't solve your problem you will probably have to call a repair technician to come out and fix it for you.