Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to buy do it yourself divorce kits and thus save a lot of money on lawyer fees. Getting a divorce is always, well ok, most of the time, a painful affair. Not only is it a difficult time for all parties involved, it can also cost a pretty penny too. Usually if you want to divorce, lawyers have to be involved and we all know it, attorney fees can and do add up. However it is now possible to buy what is know as a do it yourself divorce kit, which like its name suggests is a kit containing all the necessary papers to process your divorce.

In addition to containing all the relevant papers and instructions on how to fill a divorce, do it yourself divorse kits also include helpful information on how to best behave during court hearings and such. As you can imagine they can save you a fair amount of money, but also time, some kit can be downloaded right from your computers (others can be mailed to you). Do it yourself divorce kits are available for each of American States, just chose the one you are a resident of.

Do it yourself divorce kits are great if your divorce is uncontested (you and your partner agree on the terms). However if your divorce is contested and/or if you have children do not use such a kit and pay for a lawyer's assistance. Kit prices can range from 40 to 250 dollars, important points to look out for when buying is to chose the kit for your State and make sure the kit is not outdated, in which case the forms will be rejected by the court. It is then vital to buy your kits from a trusted source. You could seek advice on the matter with your local law association.

But for a no fault divorce a DIY divorce kit is hard to beat and great if you and your spouse want a quick divorce. This is because with an uncontested divorce there is no need to show that a party is responsible for the failure of the marriage, all there is to do is give the reason for the divorce. Only a handful of reasons are recognized by the State so make sure they match the official wording. Please not that all the information given here doesn't replace legal advice and indeed is not. Just be aware that lawyers are not the only solution when it comes to getting a devorce. Do it yourself divorce kits can be a practical, cheap and quick alternative when your situation allows it.