Body cleansing has become a big business for some companies but do you really need special products like boosters , laxatives, or diuretics to clear toxins from your body?

Most health professional think not. You can get better results with natural body cleansing by simply avoiding foods with artificial ingredients, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking water.

Most processed foods contain artificial colors and flavors. These ingredients are used by food producers to make the foods look and taste better. Some are listed on the labels, but you may not know what they are made from even though they are labeled.

For example, how many of us know what FD&C red dye no. 40 is made from? Live stock may be fed antibiotics or growth hormones that we are not even warned about on the label when we purchase meat.

These substances are also passed on to secondary products like milk and eggs. Also restaurants do not have to label food ingredients in any way.

Some people start a natural body cleansing with a day of fasting. Although experts differ on the value of fasting, most agree that you should drink fruit juice rather than stop all food intake.

Whether or not you fast as your first step, you should be eating plenty of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables to help detoxify your body.

Don't use any additives like salt, sugar or oils because these substance will slow down the effect of your cleansing.

Your local health food store may carry herbs that can help clean your system, too. Some are said to clear out the intestines, while other act on your urinary system, liver, kidneys, or blood. They also can enhance your immune system.

Natural body cleansing always involves drinking plenty of water. Experts tell us we should all be drinking 8 glasses a day, but if you want to lose weight, even more is recommended.

What this does is flush out old water from our cells and organs and replaces it with new water. In addition, when you drink more water your body does not try to hold on to excess water like it does when you're dehydrated.

Don't try to drink all this water at one time. It is better to sip throughout the day and stop 3 to 4 hours before bed, for obvious reasons. Also don't drink flavored waters even if they say they're all natural.

Instead add a slice of fresh lemon or lime to jazz up the flavor. Natural body cleansing is not difficult and is a lot less shocking to your body than using boosters like laxatives and diuretics.

Your first step is to stop eating artificial ingredients and processed foods. Replace these food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to clean out toxins.

And lastly, drink plenty of water to renew cells and organs. Who knows. You may lose so much weight and feel so much better that you'll want to use this type of natural body cleansing at regular intervals like 3 days per week or 1 week per month.