DIY Bed Liners

Dress Up Your Old Truck Bed

If you are looking for an interesting DIY activity for improving your truck, you might want to consider getting a bed liner kit. A roll-on bed liner is an inexpensive way to dress up a crummy truck bed. It's easy to apply and worth the time and effort you will put into the project. Several companies make bed liner paint for trucks, and all of these are a polyurethane paint. Some of the best bed liner brands include Dupli-color, Plastikote, and Herculiner. Most people agree that Herculiner is the most readily-available and popular of the many bed liner brands. Herculiner bed liner kit comes with everything you need in one package, and you have a choice of several colors. This bed liner paint also has a texture closest to a professional liner.

What Bed Liner Paint to Choose

Spray-On or Roll-On

Getting truck bed paint on and stuck is not complicated, but there are a couple of steps you need to know. But before you apply anything, you have to decide what you will apply. Roll-on bed liner paint is about as good as spray. The liner paint is textured which helps to hide defects in the truck bed. Application is easy with a roll-on, brush-on or spray-on material. Also, you will need about one gallon of bed liner paint with a quick-dry coating to covers a full-size pickup bed. Look for a bed liner paint that promises do-it-yourself application in a full kit, and also will deliver texture to your pickup truck bed.

Besides roll-on bed liner paint, truck bed liner in an aerosol form can also be used. This will permanently bond to the surface of your pickup truck bed, resisting abrasion and again creating an appealing truck bed spray paint texture. Make sure you get a liner with flexible, textured surface that minimizes slipping in the truck bed. A good spray-on truck bed liner also resists fading and withstands extreme hot or cold temperatures. And you definitely do not want a spray-on or roll-on bed liner paint that will flake or peel. Follow these tips and you will be sure to get an ideal truck bed spray paint texture.

How to Apply Bed Liner Paint

Roll It On Or Spray It On

Many DIY truck bed liner paints and kits are quite easy to use. If you have purchased a spray-on, all you need to do is open the can and apply evenly, as there is nothing else to mix. Most spray-ons dry so quickly that you can apply it and then drive your truck in the same day. All you need to maintain and clean the new liner is soap and water. But be careful, because some cheaper plastic liners will trap water between the liner and truck bed, rusting out your vehicle.

If you are using a roll-on bed liner paint, you will be building up a real coating. Before you apply the paint, wash and dry your vehicle. This will help to remove grease and wax from the truck bed. Rough abrasive surfaces hold paint the best. Consider using even more paint than the recommended amount, which is a gallon. After all, with more paint, you will get a thicker coat and better protective results from your bed liner paint. Thick bed liner paint is an easy and fast way to improve the looks of your pickup.

Bed Liner Paint

Getting The Best Value

Bed Liner Paint

Roll-on bed liner paints generally cost less than spray-on liners, it's an attractive coating especially for older pickups that have little market value. Although some think that spray-on coating gets the best appearance, others suggest that rolling on a coating results in a finish that looks strikingly similar to a sprayed on coat. This is because the liner paint is so thick, it is akin to a gel, which settles as it dries. So once the coating dries, the settling fills in roller and brush marks that were in the wet paint. The final finish then looks smooth and even, just like it would be if it was sprayed on. So you can skip the spray mess if you want and just use a roll-on bed liner paint kit.

Overall, you need to have reasonable expectations for your DIY bed liner paint project. The professional spray in bed liners use a more high-tech material than is available for your home project. Professional liners are tougher due to thickness and material. However, do it yourself bed liners and liner paints are still quality products, and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you completed the job yourself, which is always a good thing.