With so many expenses a wedding might bring in this day and age, a great way to trim your budget, and save on costs is to create your own wedding invitations. It is very possible to create and print very professional looking do it yourself wedding invitations with the help of a few items and a computer.

First, check out sample sites to see how you would like your wording on your invitation, and then decide what type of style invite you would like. Do you want your invite to resemble a card that opens, or would you prefer a simple one-sheet design?

After selecting a style, type up your sample wedding invitation on the computer. At this point, you are able to play around with different fonts, spacing, wording, and have a better idea of how you would like the finished product to look. You could even pick out a photograph of you and your fiancee for custom photo wedding invitations. If necessary, again, just browse through any online site that offers wedding invitation catalog samples, or order a wedding invitation catalog beforehand. Most of these sites will be happy to mail one out free of charge.

Once your invitation is typed out the way you like, the second step is to purchase your invitation paper. There are many outlet stores that offer various options, different grades of paper, and many styles from which to choose. At this point, perhaps you would prefer to match the colors of the invitation to the color scheme of your wedding. Whatever the choice, make sure that when making your selection, the way you envision your printed invitation will correlate with the paper design of your choice.

The next step, after making the invitation paper purchase, would be to print off a couple samples of the invitation. It would be recommended that regular printer paper is used, so as not to waste any of the precious invitation paper that was purchased. Make sure there are no spelling errors, and double check all the work. When happy with the wording, load the invitation paper into the printer, and print off a few copies to ensure you're happy with the final result.

After all the invitations are printed, you may want to add an embelishment such as a small bow, or glitter...something to set your invitations apart.

Do it yourself wedding invitations is an extremely fun project, and a creative way to cut some of the budget from an already expensive event--your wedding. Guests will comment on the creative invitations, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you saved money while doing an expert job. Don't forget to frame a copy for yourself as a momento from your special day!