Do jumpsoles work?  The answer is yes.  Many athletes are in search of how to increase their vertical leap and Jump USA has designed the jumpsoles workout routine to do just that.  In this article we will discuss how Jump USA has combined the use of a front platform training shoe with plyometric jump training to create a workout to increase vertical jumping for people of all fitness levels.  Basketball players and volleyball players as well as fitness enthusiast participating in several other sports stand to gain a great advantage over their competition through the use of these advanced pieces of plyometric training equipment.

Why Buy Jumpsoles - What Will They Do For Me

If you complete the eight week jumpsoles workout routine, you should expect to gain anywhere between 5 - 10 inches on your vertical leap and reduce your 40 yard dash time by up to .2 seconds.  This increase in your athletic performance will help you dominate your opponents on the court or field.  In addition to all the improvements you can expect to see in your physical abilities another nice feature of jumpsoles is that they are compatible with any type of shoe or sneaker you already own.  The plyometric training platforms attach to any footwear and come in several different sizes to make sure there is a size that fits you.

Why Do Jumpsoles Work - About The Jumpsoles Workout Routine

The jumpsoles workout routine combines the use of a scientifically designed platform (jumpsoles) attached to the front of your shoe with a vigorous plyometric workout.  Plyometrics is a form of exercise that focuses on developing speed and strength at the same time.  The exercises in the jumpsoles program help athletes gain more explosiveness by developing their fast twitch muscles.  Strong fast twitch muscles separate athletes who can merely jump from those who can jump incredibly high.  The comprehensive jumpsoles workout plan will also increase the stability of an athlete's feet and ankles.  Stronger feet and ankles give an athlete a more solid base which will allow for the generation of more explosiveness and ultimately increase the vertical jump of the user.

How Do Jumpsoles Work - The Science Behind These Plyometric Shoes

In a regular pair of walking shoes, 70% of a person's body weight is placed on the heel of the foot.  This does not leave much work for the calf muscle.  With jumpsoles attached to the front of a pair of sneakers, 100% of a person's body weight becomes supported by the calf muscle.  This significant increase in the work that must be done by the calves causes massive amounts of growth in this otherwise little used muscle group.

In addition to the strengthening of the calf muscles due to the increased workload with this exercise program and plyometric shoe design, the Achilles tendon also becomes stronger.  Jumpsoles elevate the front of the foot which causes the calf muscles and Achilles tendons to stretch more than they normally would during regular exercise.  During the plyometric training, this stretching allows for the additional strengthening of these muscles.  The scientifically designed platform attached to the front of the shoe allows for the heel to dip and extend further than usual causing the calves and Achilles tendons to stretch with a force equal to six times the athlete's body weight.  That's an enormous amount of additional work for these little used muscles.

Jumpsoles In Review

If you are an athlete looking to improve your overall performance when it comes to leaping or are searching for a proven method to increase your vertical jump, jumpsoles are a viable solution.

If you are interested in getting a pair of jumpsoles, they can be found many places for purchase.  Visiting the website of Jump USA, the company who developed and designed these amazing frontal platform training shoes, is one place you can make a purchase.  If you want to buy cheap jumpsoles, you may look into finding them online at sites like Amazon or eBay.

Bottom line, these plyometric shoes combined with the carefully designed jumpsoles workout routine can be used by any athlete to increase vertical jump and improve overall speed.  Hopefully this article has answered many of the questions you may have had when wondering - Do Jumpsoles Work.