Many people wonder do new windows increase home value and the answer really is possibly. But of course there are a few things to consider.

 New windows are an attractive enhancement to any home, both old and new alike. But not taking care on the type of windows you buy can also detract from the price and even turn off potential buyers. Poor window installation can also detract from a home's value as well.

 But in most cases new windows will make the house seem fresh and even allow for other added pluses including potential tax credits and even saving on heating and cooling bills in the future. Having cheap electricity bills is also a way to indirectly increase a home's value, primarily because most potential home buyers want to know that they aren't getting electric bills that are way too high.

Many people don't know that new windows in a home can actually pay for themselves in about 3-5 years, just in energy savings alone. Yep, that really translates into cheap electric bills in the summer and cheap heating bills in the winter.

 Tax credits when buying new windows are also a huge plus, particularly when the windows are energy-saving ones and again, are properly installed by a reputable contractor.

 Many speculate that a home's value can go up $10,000 or more with brand new windows. This is worth the investment especially since you can count on brand new energy-saving windows paying for themselves in under 5 years.

 What Other Things Can Increase My Home's Value?:

It's not just energy-saving windows that can increase your home's value and add to your home's bottom line. There are a host of other things that can add to your home's value as well:

  • Landscaping

  • Hardwood flooring, Granite (all natural materials)

  • Storage Space

  • An Open Modern Kitchen

  • Updated Bathroom – (Think garden tub with spa jets)

 So it's not just the windows that can increase your home's value, but it most certainly is a big start.

But again make sure that the windows match your home. If your home is older and has a historic feel, putting in brand new looking white framed energy-saving windows may not be consistent with the home's design esthetic. Alternatively, glass windows which have a vintage look, wouldn't look  right in a super modern home. 

 Also be careful about installation of brand new windows to increase a home's worth. If the windows are installed improperly, the value of your home could actually decrease.

 So when asking, “do new windows increase home value?” just remember that they can and do, but pay careful attention to the way the windows are installed, how they are installed and make sure they are consistent with the home's look and feel. Installing new windows take some amount of care. Adding money to your home's value isn't just a given. There are pitfalls as outlined above.

 So what do you think? Have you ever heard of new windows decreasing a home's value?

 Generally, do new windows increase home value?