Good guys can finish first

One of the most common concepts in dating is that nice guys finish last. It is a common belief that women prefer the bad guys as opposed to a nice guy they can bring home to momma. If you are a one of those guys who feels that they cannot be bad just to get dates there is good news. The saying that women love bad boys is partly a myth and you can do things to increase your chances of getting dates by making a few improvements.

What Is A Bad Boy?

In order to understand what a bad boy is when talking about dating and women’s preferences you need to look at whom they date. A bad boy in the dating scene is not a guy who has a bunch of piercings and a teardrop tattoo on his face with a criminal record as long as their arm. People call a guy "bad" because he is daring; he is willing to have fun where other guys may shy away. In other words women are not looking for bad in the true sense of the word, but rather for someone who is not going to bore them to tears.

What Do You Mean Daring?

The motorcycle is the perennial symbol of the guys women love to date. The look of a Harley is sexy and so people associate it with bad boys. The motorcycle represents a lot more than just a means of transportation. It means freedom and again it makes you more daring. Some guys would never ride a bike and so the ones that do have an extra level of “manliness” attached to them. There are other ways in which you can show your level of "daring"; the bike is only an example. You need to always push yourself a little more and step out of your comfort zone to catch the eye of available women.

What “Daring” Means In Your Love Life

Now as to why the daring guys are the ones that succeed the most in their love lives. Guys who take more chances are more likely to ask for a date in the first place, and once the date is in the planning stages they are more likely to make it a fun date. The most successful dates are those where both parties have a great time. That is better accomplished in adventure themed dates and not by an average date which she has already done a few times.

So Who Finishes Last?

You should never stop being nice. Niceness is not something to feel ashamed of; in fact the knowledge that you care about others is very attractive to women. You need to do some soul-searching and see if you are shy or boring and if you are, then try to take a few more chances. Nice guys do not finish last as the old saying will have you believe. It is those who are not willing to test their limits that do. Remember that if you never ask for a date you will never get it. If you do get the date and you bore her, then there will be no second date.