Drinking Your Calories And Gaining Weight

It's Not Just Soda That Is Bad

Millions of people have sworn off soda, and they are no longer drinking highly carbonated items. That’s a good thing, but the problems with weight gain are still effecting millions. The main reason that many people find that they are not getting a leg up on their weight loss plan is simple, they are drinking their calories. You may scoff at the notion, but when you start to realize what exactly comes with drinking many of today’s top beverages, you will see that there is no good in them, and you’ll start to rethink the whole industry. Water is Soda DrinkCredit: www.jt-book.combest for hydration, and for health, even if you feel that it’s bland. It’s hard to deal with for some, but that’s the truth of the matter. Before you think this is all just a conspiracy, consider some of the top drinks that people consume that are not soda.

Sports Beverages - Now With Super Electrolytes

Every major athlete talks about how great their game is as a result of drinking a sports beverage. There is nothing wrong with hydration and electrolytes, and while these drinks came about through scientific endeavors, the average person doesn’t need the shock of electrolytes into the body. The reason why these were created was to help college athletes playing in high heat and humidity, as they were losing a great deal of water, sweat, and energy on the field. Since then, the marketing machine has told anyone that will listen that they need this. That’s not true. These are loaded with calories, salt, dyes, and chemicals that the body has to take a great deal of time to break down. It can cause weight gain, especially if you choose this over water. Unless you’re a pro athlete in the middle of a high competition game, you don’t need this.

The Energy Drink Craze

Not all energy drinks are carbonated, some are now being sold as juice, tea, coffee, milk and more. These are terrible for you, especially if you have a heart problem. Teenagers, children, and young adults should especially beware of these as they can go down smooth and come back to haunt. The caffeine in these beverages are extreme, and some have serious warnings on them. Others are skirting by and don’t have any warning as to how much you’re actually consuming. The issue with these is not just the high caffeine it’s the load of sugar that you get alongside it. Even if you get the diet option, the sweetener quotient is turned way up to get the right combination. If that wasn’t enough, they add a lot of B vitamins at 100% or more. This shocks the body into performing at an accelerated rate, and over time will cause heart issues, cardiovascular issues, and kidney problems. Don’t believe the hype surrounding these. High calories, high sugar, extreme caffeine, overdosing vitamins, and much more await you with each can.

It's Better To Eat Your Fruit

There are some companies today that are selling 100% natural juice that is in the grocery store aisles and even at gas stations. The problem with these is not so much the ingredients, Fruit In A GlassCredit: kodakgoldas much as it is the sugar quota that you get with just 1 serving. The serving sizes are skewed here, and even the beloved green looking juices have a ton of sugar in them. It’s important to limit consumption of these pasteurized options in favor of water, or blending your own juice in a blender or juicer. Concentrate is just as bad, and it’s easy to go overboard with these items labeled as 100% natural. Be careful, as the caloric intake here is going to deceive you into think it’s safe.

Eat your fruit, rather than drink processed juices, you will ingest less sugar, less artificial ingredients and more fibres and natural vitamins.

If you still like your fruit juices, it's better to make them up yourself with a juicer or a blender.


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