Makeup is a vehicle that anyone can use to change the way you look. Most women use makeup to enhance their attributes and bring out their natural beauty. When you are young some women use make up to make them look older.  When you grow older you use make up to make you look younger. Then again, what if your intention is not to look older, but to look younger and your make up ages you?

Make up used to make us look younger falls into two categories. You have handlers that use make up and over do it. They use way too much to hide the wrinkles, cover the bags and open sagging eyes. Then you have the under doers. These are women that don’t wear enough. Women that will go with the bare minimum or colors which are so neutral will add years to their face instead of looking their best. These are ten tips for wearing your make up that will take years off your face and have you looking your best.

      1.   Under makeup

Our skin will get drier as we age because our hormone levels are dropping. This is especially true during and after menopause. If you are using a cream foundation it can give you pancake face because of the pigment packed in cream foundations. An under makeup moisturizer is definitely a plus for aging skin.

There are lots of retailers that are now offering an under makeup primer which has added moisturizer and are specifically designed to enhance any foundation. If the under foundation primer isn’t for you, try changing to a hydrating or even satin finish liquid foundation to look younger. Using the right under make up will not make you look older.

2.    Foundation

There is an unwritten rule when you wear makeup that says your foundation must match your complexion. This is one of the first things we learn when wearing makeup. Throw this out the door as you grow older.

Skin will grow more ashen as we age. You don’t have as much of your natural glow and rosiness. Stay away from foundation shades that match your skin because they will wash you out and create an ashy or pallid look.

You can put that glow back into your skin with foundation that is one shade warmer than your usual foundation. Additionally a warmer hue will have a slightly pink undertone which takes care of ruddiness which is generally seen in aging skin.

Many women are afraid of changing something they have used for years. Therefore, test it out. On the back of your hand mix your usual hue with a slightly darker neighbor before you apply.

3.    Concealers

Younger women will generally use a concealer to hide the fact that they haven’t got enough sleep the night before. Though, as we age, we really need the concealer to make the sagging dark circles that seem to form under the eyes disappear. Unfortunately, when we get to an age when the concealers are really needed they will enhance the wrinkles around the eyes.

In order to hide the wrinkles and lines around the eyes from view, apply your concealer only around the inner halves of your under eyes which will hold back the under eye darkness.

A wonderful alternative to the concealer all together is a moisturizer brush or highlighter pen. The pen creates a light diffuser that gives the appearance of a being bright-eyed and younger looking.

4.    Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important because the can make your face have look like a cartoon if you aren’t careful. Don’t overdo the eyebrow with your liner pencil if you do not want your make up to make you look older.

When shaping your eyebrows for the best results use a brow pencil that goes on softly, but it’s really hard. A powder brow pencil is wonderful for missing or bald patches. Some women are missing the tail of the eyebrow. Use the brow pencil for filling in the tail too.

5.    Blush

Blush is generally not used as much now as it used to be. If you do wear it, don’t stroke the blush from the corner of the mouth to your ear. Stroking the blush in this way will simply draw attention to leanness in the face and make many women look gaunt which is more clear when we age. A swirling motion lightly high up over the apples in your cheeks works best to bring back the youth in them.

6.    Lipstick

Lip pencils are popular and are a wonderful method to decrease feathering. A lipstick brush works better as well as applying much less than when a lipstick tube is used. Extra lipstick will move and the border of our lips softens with age. The lipstick brush should be dipped lightly into the color and begin to spread from the center to the corners of the lips to make them look younger.

Using lip pencils and lighter application of lipstick is a wonderful way to avoid makeup that makes up look older.

7.    Eye shadow

Oily eyelids are never good for eye shadow. Don’t put more on because it will make your eyes look like bags. Some women will use prep products for their eyelids created to make certain your eye shadow stays in place. However, as it dries it will make eyes look creeper.

It's fine to use a thin layer of clear or beige toned primer and try a budge proof eye shadow for that youthful look. The budge proof product will keep eye shadow in place.

8.    Eyeliner

Don’t tug at the corners when you apply your eyeliner. This will keep the lines straight and avoid the jagged liner look. Tugging at the corners will also cause older skin to crinkle and ruin a smooth line. The best way to apply is pointing the chin down and looking up when you apply eyeliner. Keep the lids half closed. The best eyeliner is liquid.

9.    Colors for eye shadow

If you love the browns and bone eye shadow colors you might want to consider changing up. Brown has red and yellow pigments that can in point of fact make eyes look tired. Bone is really too light a color to hide any pigment discolorations in your eyelids.

As we age the best colors are jewel colors or sage tones. These colors will cancel any yellow and red pigments. Cancelling these pigments makes the whites of your eyes brighter. If you cannot let the brown go, try a taupe.

10.  Cream versus powder eye shadow

Cream or powder eye shadow, which one is best? Believe it or not crème eye shadow can actually be more aging than powder. Creams will cake and stick to dry patches. Our skin is drier as we grow older so staying with the crème eye shadow is a plus. Applying cream eye shadow is trickier than the powder counterpart.

Cream eye shadow grows warmer on the skin and can slip and slide into creases on older women. Powder is best for those that want to look younger while looking their best.

These are ten ways you can use make up to look younger or at least avoiding ways that make up makes us look older.