I love younger guys. And I'm not alone. More and more women are open to exploring a more fun and interesting intergenerational dating scene.

In fact, I went from dating younger men, to marrying my toyboy, so I'm something of an expert in the 'women dating younger men' field! More and more women are seeing the advantages of dating younger men, and are beginning to enjoy cougar dating themselves.

Here are some of the reasons older women like dating younger men:

  • More fun: Perhaps a woman has already been married and gone through the stage of raising her kids. Or perhaps she's just never wanted to settle down. High pressure family life or a high pressure career Either way, she's ready for a bit of fun and is ready to give intergenerational dating a shot. Younger guys don't have the same expectations and demands as older men, and the energy they can bring can be quite addictive!
  • Less responsibility: For women dating younger men, there is less responsibility. For some women, it's a little reckless to step out with a younger man by her side. It's a chance to rebel a little and an opportunity for her to explore a side of her that may have been lost in the stresses and strains of everyday life. Younger guys don't often come with the same emotional baggage of older or same age dates, and so often, a younger man is like a breath of fresh air in a woman's life.
  • A chance to try something new: Since the advent of cougar culture and TV shows like Cougar Town, more and more women are choosing to try something a little different to ring the changes in an otherwise mundane life with intergenerational dating.
  • Young men look good! What women can resist a six pack and that soft, smooth skin? It's quite an irresistible attraction!
  • Confidence: There's nothing like a younger guy who is confident of who he is and where he is going. It's a turn-on for most people of any age and for older women dating younger men, it's no different.

Of course, there are also some things about dating a younger guy that women don't like too:

  • Teenage temper tantrums: Women dating younger men don't want another child to deal with. They want a man who is old enough to know himself and who isn't in the market for a mummy replacement. Not hot!
  • Frat-boy practical jokes: Yes, women dating younger men like to have fun, but being woken at 4am to some practical joke is not what we define as fun. Keep it for the boys.
  • A yes-man: Younger guys who are open to new ideas are hot. Younger guys who say yes to everything and don't hold opinions of their own are not. We want a relationship with you, not to instruct you on absolutely everything.

Whether you're considering dating a younger man or an dating older women, intergenerational age-gap relationships can be a lot of fun, and sometimes, so much more. The trick is to enjoy it and make sure your inner confidence shines through!

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