Do Parents Regret the Name They Chose for their Children.

What's in a name? Choosing a child's name is a difficult thing for parents. Do parents sometimes regret their choice?

Most people don't really like their name. That can be due to many reasons. The most common reason is school and your peers. It can be tough if you have an unusual name or a name that is very difficult to pronounce. Children can be evil and can transform your name to the point that you hate your name. Parents mostly go through "blond moment" when they have to choose a child's name. They sometimes regret their choice if their child appears to be having difficulties at school or in other environment with his given name.

Honor thy father and mother. What about film stars and baby names? Is it a good thing to name your child after your parents or film stars?

This is one of those questions where you will have to say, it depends. It is true that it does depend on the name. Is it still "cool" to have such a name and does it flow with your surname. Does it have a strong religious connotation that can lead to problems with finding employment or success in later life? Will your child grow up to love his name or hate it? If you don't want your child to blame you when he becomes an adult, make sure you get it right. Honoring your parents or naming your child because you love a movie star is not a good enough reason to choose a name.

Less is more and at times, less is just not enough. Can you apply this to choosing a name for your child. Can you choose a single name for your child instead of adding a middle name?

There is nothing stopping you from choosing a single name. However, choosing a middle name can have its advantages. If your child hates his first name, at least he has something official to fall back on. You can make your child's second or middle name something more generic like (john, Michelle, Catherine, etc). That is like having a plan B just in case the first name doesn't work out for him. You can also give your child two generic and official names. At home, you can call him or her whatever you want.