You were on YouTube or Facebook, looking for some new rappers, songs, or music videos.  Somehow, some way, you came across Lil B, also known as “The Based God.”  All of his songs have hundreds and thousands of hits, and you can infer that this Lil B character does indeed make a comfortable living through his music.  However, the music is probably odd, striking you as bizarre, and maybe just downright awful.

You then ask yourself, do people really like Lil B?  Why do people call him “god”?  Is it some sort of inside joke?

I’ll admit, at first I thought Lil B was a joke.  I heard one of his songs, laughed, posted the video on my social websites, and went on with my day.  Little did I know that I would come across Lil B songs that are very serious and meaningful.  He makes fun, crazy music and thoughtful, serious music as well.

People really do like Lil B.  I enjoy Lil B.  Before you immediately write him off as a trashy YouTube rapper, make sure you listen to more of his music.  Some of it is admittedly silly, while some of it is full of substance and thoughtful lyrics.  Many of his party type songs have the most hits, meaning it is likely that you came across one of these songs, leading you to think most of his music is that way.  Search through more of his music, and you will find very good rap music.

Lil B is the “Based” god.  “Based” can have many meanings.  In the context of Lil B’s music, it means being yourself and expressing yourself to the fullest of your ability.  Lil B does this through his music, and encourages his listeners to live life in a similar fashion.  Many of his songs are very inspirational and cater to the outcast crowd, so a lot of people look up to Lil B as a role model, and call him the “Based” god. 

Give Lil B’s music a chance.  The crazy, unique production, the stream of conscious flow, and the artsy, interesting music videos are all just a small part of Lil B and the fantastic music he creates.  He truly is a unique artist who puts out more content than just about any music artist out there.

With Lil B, you almost don’t know what to expect next.   He’s dabbled in ambient music, raps about being Bill Clinton, and is surely almost always on some sort of high.   What you can expect is unique, funny, serious, deep, great music.