Everyone has seen the extended TV commercial for the ShamWow. Vince Offer branded the microfiber towel and used catchy advertising to sell millions of units. The real impetus for the ShamWow success is not so much the towel but the salesman. So, if one were to google ShamWow they would see there is a lot of does it work or it is a scam type of questions and comments out there.

The best way to extract the hype (negative or positive) out of looking at ShamWow is to understand the commercial's creator. Vince Offer is an old school pitchman. A pitchman is one who hawks his wares on sidewalks, state fairs, home shows, boardwalks, anywhere they can set-up a booth. Then they demo their product to show you how amazing it is. Of course they are going to play up the amazing-ness of their product and that is part of the fun of standing to watch a knife cut a pineapple, someone make fresh salsa in a hand blender, or soak up pop from a piece of rug.

Ultimately, once one gets the product home the wow wears off. It is not that the product does not work as advertised, but how often does one need to cut a pineapple in one slice, make homemade salsa from scratch, or have wet rugs? That is why many of these state fair products get put into junk drawers and end up in the back of cabinets.

The same with a ShamWow. It does what it says what it will do and does it well. The question is how often will one need the special fit of a microfiber towel? Natural fiber towels will absorb better and quicker than synthetics, but that is not where ShamWow will shine.

They shine when one needs to quickly use the same towel again and again. Microfiber towels expel liquid quickly and thoroughly, that is their strength. Natural fiber towels are saturated once soaked and one has to wait a long time for them to air dry, wringing does not do it thoroughly enough. Natural fiber towels are one-use towels. That is why many people use two bath towels to dry after a bath, one for hair and one for body, one towel gets saturated and another is needed.

Using a ShamWow as a shammy towel for a car is a good example of how a synthetic towel expels liquid quickly while in use. Using a natural fiber towel will dry initially but once saturated will only move water around. A shammy can be wrung out and used again immediately to dry a car before water spots appear on a newly washed car.

People typically need immediately reusable towels outside and away from home. Camping is another good use for a ShamWow. When outdoors everything has to have multiple uses. A microfiber camping towel can serve multiple functions as a drying mat for camp dishes, bath or swimming towel, or to dry equipment due to storms. This is where the lightweight compactness really plays an important part. One would find a difficult time carry plenty of cotton towels but one large ShamWow should serve a lot of functions. Also, in the outdoor a towel has to be more rugged and one should not be afraid of staining or tearing it. Outdoor is not the place for monogrammed bath towels.