Have you ever been so frustrated by your flabby, bulging mid-section that you resolved to doing those six pack crunches you see those guys doing in the gym?

Though this may be the best resolution you can come up with, it is possible that you are not equipped enough with the right knowledge in order to achieve those results.

So in this article, you are given a foundation of how to do things the right way, which exercise to perform and what results can you expect from them.

Normal sit up: This is done with your back straight against the floor and your legs raised off the ground.

Place your hands across your chest or under your head and begin to lift the whole of your upper body off the ground and bring it closer to your knees.

Try not to strain your back as you go up and contract those abdominal muscles, using them to lift yourself up.

Repeat this motion for at least 10 times in 3 sets. This exercise would shape the middle area of your waist and allows muscle building around that section.

Crunches: The starting position would be just like your sit ups. The movement is also pretty much the same, but instead of lifting completely off the ground, you would only need to raise half of your upper body.

Concentrate on contracting those muscles in your mid area. The concentrated movement would allow more sculpting because of the resistance you place on those muscle areas.

Do these six pack crunches with the same repetitions and sets as your sit ups.

Leg raises: Lie with your back flat against the floor. Both of your hands should be place under your bum for support. Keep your legs together as you bend your knees where your feet is raised slightly off the floor.

Contract your abdominal muscles as you slowly raise your feet up and make an arc until your feet are above your hips. Then lower your feet down and settle for the starting position.

Do this within 10 repetitions of 3 sets every other day. This will work out your lower abdominals.

Do these sets of exercises and make those six pack crunches work for you.

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