There is much hype about Skechers Tone Ups so I decided to see if they really do tone you up. About two weeks ago, I ended up selecting these cute Skechers Tone Ups tennis shoes that were baby blue and gray and were on sale for about $60. I decided to do a Skechers review and find out if Skechers Tone-Ups really work and tone you up.

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Fitness Behind Tone-Ups

Skechers has a fitness group of tennis shoes, called Tone-Ups, designed to burn more calories and tone muscles while giving you a stylish and hip alternative to other available workout shoes. Even the likes of celebrities advertise the benefits of the fitness tennis shoes, including Kim and Kris Kardashian, Wayne Gretzky and Brooke Burke.

The popular shoe brand claims to tone you up by sculpting the lower body, burning more calories, firming buttocks, toning thigh and calf muscles, reducing back and joint stress, improving posture and promoting a natural stride. The shoe design has unique pods that create a natural instability engaging the wearer to use underused calf, hamstring and gluteus muscles. These are grand claims to help tone you up. I put these claims to the test.

My Experience with Tone-Ups

After using my Tone-Ups for one week, I didn’t notice any difference. However, by the end of week two I did notice that my lower body felt tighter, like I had worked out my muscles in my buttocks area and calves.

What was the difference between week one and two? I actually did some exercise in week two. During the first week, I walked to and from my car with my tennis shoes on, but that was the extent of my exercise. In week two, with the weather being a bit nicer, I walked my dog and enjoyed the outdoors with some family all the while wearing my shoes. I noticed that while walking, my calves were getting a work out. It wasn’t until I woke up the next day that I felt my buttocks and thigh area were a bit sore.

Now after about 6 weeks of 1-2 miles (or more) of walking, I'm not sore the next day, but as I'm walking and pushing myself I notice that I am flexing certain muscle groups that I normally don't while usually walking from here to there. Are these shoes helping to tone me up? Will they help you tone up?

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Do Skechers Tone Ups Tone You Up - My Overall Review

The claims that Skechers Tone-Ups help to firm your buttocks and calves are somewhat substantiated, however, you do need to actually work out to reap the benefits. You can’t just expect to put the shoes on, avoid exercise and magically have a more toned, firm body. You need to actually exercise and you need to do it consistently. The nice thing is that even with a simple walk you should feel a little difference in your workout intensity.

These shoes should help the slow to moderate active level people. For those who work out consistently and on a regular basis, I’m not sure that there would be any benefits. Overall I’m pleased with my shoes and happy that even if I don’t have the most active lifestyle, I can still get some benefits from the Skechers Tone-Ups Fitness group of tennis shoes. Maybe they will actually tone you up!