In these days of economic austerity it makes sense to find ways to shave money from the household bill. One of the main areas where potential savings can be made is in the cost of telephone calls. In fact in these days of high-speed broadband at reasonable cost, it is more than possible to eliminate the traditional landline altogether. Many packages from the main providers are combo packages that give you landline and internet and even television as part of a package deal. The question that we all need to ask ourselves nowadays is do I really need anything more than a good broadband connection?

Broadband and Phone Deals

On searching around you may find some deals for broadband and phone combined but you actually need to look very carefully at them because when line rental is taken into account, they soon become a lot less attractive. What the providers give with one hand, generally they take away with the other. It is always best to look at the total monthly figure and pay attention to at what times of the day or week you can actually use the free call quota. Some will offer evenings only and others may confine them to weekends. We are of course arguing that in the age of high-speed broadband you do not really need both broadband and phone.

Broadband Only Plus VoIP

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a way of using your internet connection to deliver and receive voice messages. When done in real time this is effectively a conversation via your internet connected device in just the same way as you would have a telephone conversation. You can find some very cheap broadband only deals with unlimited data transfer and then it is simply a matter of installing a VoIP application of which there are many although probably the most popular and best known is Skype.

Finding the best deal for broadband only in order to best utilize VoIP applications may require searching a little further down the list of providers until you reach the less well known . Our research revealed two that were offering unlimited broadband deals on a 12 month contract for less than ten pounds per month and in fact as low as £8.50 per month

Using VoIP to Make Calls

One of the best things about VoIP is that generally, when making calls to other people using the same application anywhere in the world, the call is free. There is nothing extra to pay on top of your broadband costs. This is not time restricted free – this is free 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Applications like Skype also allow you to add credit to your account and make calls to landlines or mobiles as well as send texts at vastly reduced rates to conventional telephone rates.

If you are the owner of a smartphone that allows you to stay connected to the internet via your broadband connection, many of the VoIP applications also come in the form of an app that runs on a smartphone. Many of them even allow you to have your own number at very reasonable cost plus answerphone and call forwarding at no cost.

As usual it seems that the only thing that is keeping the British people attached to their landline is that age-old aversion to change. The landline has always been there so there it shall stay.