I do and so do many others . But I guess it all depends whether or not you have had a supernatural experience.

Let me tell you some happenings that I have had and some ghostly things my mother and father experienced.

I was raised in England and as you may have heard it seems to be the capital of hauntings what with the headless being in the Tower of London to the laughing lady in the estate house of our friends, the Sutherlands in Derbyshire.

I think my mother was a medium as she had many spiritual experiences. Also her father as my mother told me stories of séances held at her house when she was very young. And things happened such as the bible sitting in the center of the table opening by itself to a certain page. A key rising and floating over to the door and inserting itself in the lock.

I always took this story with a grain of salt but she swore it was true.

I never had any experiences until I was older and we had moved to a farm in the country to get away from the bombing in WII.

One night my folks were awakened to hear the sound of horses by the side of the house…..then after a few moments…. Silence. The next morning my father said to the farmer who was running the farm,

"I guess you got the horses back in the stable okay." The farmer said "What do you mean"? My dad said "There were horses out back last night, my wife and I both heard them".

The farmer said "No horses were out, they were locked in the stable like always".

So they went over to the stables and the door was locked. Then they walked over to the side of the house where the sounds had come from and there were hoof prints in the dirt ( starting from nowhere) leading around to the front of the house and hoof prints coming back to where they began. By the way there were no other footprints in the dirt in case you might think someone had played a practical joke.

At the end of the war we moved back into town into a hundred year old three story house. You talk about spooky! The top floor was never used and nobody went up there more than a couple of times while we lived there and when you did all you wanted to do was get downstairs as fast as you could. It was a weird feeling.

The only time I saw anything odd was one night while going upstairs. I looked at the landing and there was a male figure dressed in the 17th century style wardrobe (ala 3 Musketeers). My father didn't see it but he told me that I came down those stairs in one jump.

I had no more experiences for a number of years after coming to the USA, but my mother did.

My folks divorced after 40 odd years of marriage and my mother returned to Canada. She was a stickler for neatness and every night before retiring she would set the table ready for breakfast, plates, butter, etc.

Suddenly things began to happen. She would get up in the morning and everything was rearranged on the table. Then she began to occasionally see a dark figure in the apartment day and night.

Here is the interesting part….this apparition only appeared to her when my father in England had been hurt or was ill.

I mentioned at the start of this article about a headless ghost in the Tower of London. This is just the opposite. It happened at an old farm my folks bought in a very lovely area of Yorkshire. It was about 500 years old and had been remodeled a number of times throughout the years. It was a store, a church, a hospital, a prison among other dwellings before it became a farm. I stayed there a few times while working night clubs in the UK and always felt uneasy when going to bed at night. I asked my father if the place was haunted and he said all the years he had lived there only twice had he seen a ghost or at least a part of a ghost….It was a head floating down the stairs. Okay that was a first from my pop.

My wife and I moved into an apartment in San Fernando Valley and we lived there for 17 years. During this time my wife saw a lady and her dog walking through the apartment and disappear many times. I never saw her and wasn't sure that my wife did either (How's that for trust) .I did believe it though when one weekend we had some friends down for Canada and while sitting in the living room our friend Linda said "I didn't know you had a lady and a dog staying here."

At that time my wife and I were conducting a mind expansion course and I decided to try an experiment on Linda. I used the technique we taught to get down to the Alpha State of mind, then regressed her back to the late 1800's.

From what she described to us while doing this, the apartment was built on a plot of ground that contained a house where this lady and her dog apparently lived.

The answer? I don't know, maybe she was wandering in the netherworld wondering where her house was.

Both my wife and I have had a number of unexplained things happen to us during the years.

I have had something try to get into bed with me, I have been poked in the back to wake me up. A number of times I have seen apparitions in my bedroom, then they slowly disappear.

By the way we sleep in different bedrooms because of my snoring.

So I know it wasn't my wife doing all of this.

She too has had the covers on her bed move when something or someone tried to get into bed with her.

Also many times our cocker spaniel will not go into the living room. She will just stand there and look, and growl.

Well, that's my article and if you have had any experiences with who knows what, drop a line. I'd like to hear from you and any comments on my article.

Stay Well,

Bill Beckett