Take Ownership of Your Own Life

How to Resist the Zombie Virus

There's a virus pandemic on the loose, turning us all into zombies. Not the brain-eating vagrants we're used to reading about, but zombies - going through the motions of the day,  just surviving.

Do you lead your own life? This is not a simple question to answer. Are you making someone else's dream become a reality?

Our minds our invaded with mind viruses, pulling for our attention. Whether it comes from movies, newspapers, family, friends, religious authorities, or gossip reality TV, our brains are being fed to the masses.

The images on magazine covers tell us what's appropriate for people of our age group to wear. Our parents teach us about the world from their perspective, from the rules that had meaning for them growing up - not necessarily rules for surviving today.

Most great findings take 5-10, even 20 years for us to recognize them. There are movements happening at this moment that will take us 5-10 years for any media outlet to even cover them. 

What you learn early on is to take responsibility for yourself. You learn from others successes and try not to repeat their mistakes. It's still your journey. Noone is going to look out for your interests but you. It can seem lonely at first, but then you realize, that you find yourself doing things you enjoy, even if your work isn't making you an immediate millionaire. 

One's bank account is only one facet to true prosperity.

Learning to recognize the greatness in yourself, and allowing others to benefit from your ideas, is not an easy skill to muster. It takes courage. It takes commitment. It takes time.

"Rome wasn't built overnight", the saying goes

The rules about health and careers are changing. It's not about finding a "good job with benefits" - they are becoming less available. It's also not about finding the next "miracle cure" when it comes to our health.

Small deliberate actions seem insignificant at the moment, but determine all results when push comes to shove.

It's about acknowledging our human need to connect and to serve a purpose in life and providing our bodies with the physical, psychological, and chemical materials necessary to produce health. Others will try to sabotage this journey by baiting you with their own theories on Truth.

To a degree it's smart to connect and share ideas, but sooner or later if you're not following your own dreams or aspirations, you might as well be a zombie, just one more walking dead among the army of "normal".

Walking Dead