Way of Thinking

Have you considered changing your way of thinking? Have you considered that you are your worst enemy?  If you think you can’t, you probably won’t.  When someone complimented you the other day, did you say, “Thank You.”  Or did you make excuses and say, “It wasn’t that good.”    Remember God is not the author of confusion.   

You should believe in yourself because it states in  Philip. 4:13 “I can Do All Things through Christ which strengthens me.”    Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.


I remember during high school I really wanted a job  to make money.   I had started during housework for a woman. I had  only worked one day.   I also  was practicing for a school play  which conflicted with my work.  I had to make a choice.  I thought about it.  I would have the rest of my life to work, but I will never be in high school again in  a  play.   I decided to quit  the job.  I enjoyed the school play that I was in.  That is something that I will never forget. So I was glad I made that choice.    By the grace of God when the play was done, I became the  church   Secretary at age 14.   I do not think it was an accident.  God meant that for me.  

Oratorical  Contest

My pastor always believed in being number one.  My pastor had drilled perfection in me for years.  I remember speaking in my first oratorical contest at age 14.  I won 2nd place and dropped my head and wanted to cry.  I felt I let my pastor and my church down.  My pastor to my surprise told me, “You were great and gave me a big hug.”  I took that as a learning experience.  How many times have you felt like a failure at something?   Maybe you received a D or an E in college, then took the  class over and received an A or a B.  Wasn’t that great  to prove you could pass the course and that you could do it? 

Motivational Tapes

According to “Success Unlimited” a motivational tape,  “Most people only achieve 10 % of their potential.”   Are you in that category?  I know there are those that might say,  “ I just work at my job; it is low pay.”   But is it too much to ask you to think about falling in love with your work?  Do you give an extra 2% to everything you do?   If your manager asks you to greet customers because the receptionist is ill, do you snarl and say to yourself, “That is not in my job description.”   “Why me?’  Do you greet the customer not smiling and saying, “Can I help you?  “What’s your account number?”  Or do you greet the customer smiling enthusiastically saying,  “Hi, how are you today?”  “How may I help you?”   “Do you possibly have your account number available.”  “Please be seated.”  “I will be with you shortly.”  The main difference in the 2 approaches is that the first approach makes the customer feel as though they are a bother.  The latter  approach let’s the customer know he/she is a valued customer and you are there to serve.  Anything worthy doing is worth doing well.


Only you can turn an impossibility into a possibility.  Did you know the success of Alex Haley a now famous writer took 12 years.  After 9 years, he was 100,000,000 in debt.  Can you imagine.  He became depressed, but he kept going and as a result  his story was finished  after 12 years.   He stated, “No button can guaranteed success, you must believe and have faith.” 

God’s Plan For You

Jeremiah 29:11.  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an  expected end.

God designed you for achievement.  Each of you posses special and yet different talents.  Success is not a matter of chance, but choice, persistence in spite of adversities,  and a chance to use your creativity.  Life is a learning experience.  Someone once said, “Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is just a promissory note, only today is cash on hand.”  “So spend it like crazy, it will never occur again.”  Temporary defeat is not failure. 

Who Is This?

Do you know this man?   There was  a man who was well acquainted with defeat.  Age age 23, he lost his job.  His bid in legislature was defeated later that year.  At age 24 his new business failed.  Then his sweetheart died and he suffered a mental break down.  At age 34 he met death in his nomination for Congress.  At age 39 he lost his renomination.  He was rejected at age 40  as land officer. He was defeated at age 45   in the senate.  At age 47  defeated for Vice-President.  At age 49 defeated in Senate again.  At age 51 he became president of the  United States.  His name was Abraham Lincoln. He was persistent.

English philosopher and physician

John Locke  said,  “Men from their youth let a good part of their lives run uselessly away.”    According  to Richard L. Evans, the Arthur of “May Peace Be With You,”  any improvement in any degree in any circumstance or situation, any turning to the better is all to the good, and there is no point in postponement.” 


In the beginning of this article I asked you to think about something that you really wanted.  For some maybe it was a different career. If so, go to the library and acquire information.  Investigate online. Find out what it is you need to do to start your new career.    Maybe someone wants to lose weight, well it’s not too late.  Maybe  you need to try a new approach to dieting or change some of your present habits.  Whatever, you wrote down, let that be your personal vendetta and follow through on it.  Work at your own pace and get it done.  Remember it is only too late if you believe it is.