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Many internet marketers are frustrated...I’m writing articles and submitting my content to social sites...But still my rankings are getting worse instead of better! How come? This is so utterly discouraging, particularly when you're new to internet marketing. Everywhere you look the experts are telling you to build links using the keyword phrase as the anchor text...Seems quite easy, doesn't it? Well it is easy...To a point. That point is just build back links and wait! However this may not be the best advice to follow in every situation.

As you’re putting your back links into place and your ranking isn't turning out the way you hoped they would right away...Patience be patience is what everyone keeps telling you. All the same, sometimes it’s a better idea to be proactive before determining your next step to take...Or maybe you should do nothing!

Once you've submitted a brand new site, or good article it's really typical for Google to bounce it's ranking from page to page until it determines where it fits in. Occasionally, it can be gone from Google's indexing process altogether. This is quite normal when dominating link building and there's no need to freak out about it!

Now comes the question...Do You Have Too Many Back links? Are these excessive back links making your rankings worst?

A bit about Anchor Text and Back Links.

When you are setting up a web page or writing an article and you wish Google to rank a particular keyword phrase [ For example..."Home Made Soup"] once you have your site up ...Or your main article submitted. It's time to send Back Links to your site or article you want to rank for. You would link to your site or article in anchor text...That means the clickable link would be "Home Made Soup".

Let's say I had a Website selling soup recipes'...and I wrote an article to send traffic to my website, in the resource box of the article I would say something like...To get a free recipe...Visit [Home Made Soup]. Homemade soup being the clickable link that they would click to be redirected to my Website.

The hypothesis is, the more numerous keyword phrase links that you have the better your web page or article will rank. Overall, that's pretty much how it works...To a point.

If you overdo it you can begin having your rankings dropping from having way too many exact keyword phrasing linking to your web website or article. Having a all-around linking strategy can prevent your rankings from falling.

Back LinkingNow we want to check our sites or articles...

Head over to Google and do a search for allinanchor and the keyword phrase you using as anchor text. 

I will use our example above "Home Made Soup". This is how you would enter it into Google's search bar... allinanchor:"Home Made Soup". Google will return the results of web sites or articles that have the exact keyword phrase "Home Made Soup" as the anchor text.

Allinanchor is a real powerful search tool…It will also show you how many  other sites and articles are trying to get ranked by Google for the phrase. You can also use this search to see if your over optimizing your back links.

How to test if your back link is over optimized?

First do a allinanchor search for your keyword phrase as demonstrated in the above example. So you see that your ranked say number 7 for your phrase as per example. Now do a normal search and you rank close to number 7...That's good. But if you ranked say number 26 in a normal search you probably have a problem.

If your over optimized with your keyword anchor text...It's time to change things up a bit...Link to your site or article with some "Click Here"..."a long tail version of your phrase" or even linking with the URL.

As you know Google likes links to be well rounded and from many different sites. If you want to rank in Google give it what it wants!

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