No cure is good enough for a negative mindset

Some people take a cancerous route to "die with dignity"

During the last few decades I have seen people I know and love die of what we call cancer. Nobody could tell me how or why - merely that the person had died or passed on. They had tried everything to save them. Their earthly sojourn had ended in a sick and broken body. In many cases they did not even die of cancer. But some people who have had untreatable cancer are now in remission. There seem to be no rules. How can your mind-set cause or cure cancer?

Warning: the topic of how and why people die may offend sensitive readers.

Down under

We are all sensitive to death and suffering to a degree. Some of us even prefer not to consume the flesh of animals. We feel that animal meat has the same vibration as death – a carcass is no different to a corpse. It is not appetising. I was thus traumatized at an early age when I gazed into the lifeless eyes of a slaughtered ox lying in a pool of blood. I felt that animals should not be expected to shed their blood to put food on my plate.

Seeing a dead person for the first time is not pleasant, we all agree. But the sight of my late Father lying on the bed with a beautiful smile on his face was poignantly uplifting. After 93 years of being a wonderful man he simply gave up the ghost and left a perfectly healthy and well maintained body behind. There was no fuss and that is what really impressed me. I could just let him go.

Death is inevitable but they say life is an illusion?

Death is inevitable and the passing over to another realm need not be traumatic or disturbing. It signals the end of your walk around the mortal block and life goes on at other levels. We need not experience suffering – either as the departed one or those who stay over to finish the movie clip. We have no control of the day or the hour we clock in and out. Even after a short life, by what seems to be an accident or a so-called crime it is just because the timer has run out of sand. There is no need for regret or remorse – just acceptance.

Death by cancer may be inevitable but it is often personally engineered

But death due to cancer is different. It is unique and seemingly hard to call an accident these days with state of the art diagnostic facilities, drugs and surgical intervention. People with cancer do not always die of cancer. Cancer is a complex and wily opponent. Yet it offers a way out for those who seek a noble escape from their obligations and emotional burdens. In such cases there is nothing we can do to cure their cancer. This is why the best treatment available can still fail and it is not the fault of the oncologist and the support team. We do not fail in doing the best we can. When we lose a loved one, we need to make our peace and grieve until all the factors are resolved. Then don't be in a hurry, don't be in denial. It does hurt.

What is a pro-cancerous mind-set?

boy with dogI have eventually realized that one has to accept the inevitable. Some people die of cancer and wanted it that way and we have to accept that. Doctors cannot be expected to save a patient who has a will to end it all - especially one who intentionally ignores early warning signals and takes no preventative or corrective measures. In such cases it is not fair to judge the medical profession or even sue for malpractice. It is true that many patients die as a result of cancer treatment but the time they die is not in their hands or those of the doctor. But the state of one’s health definitely is.

The recipe for cancer includes many ingredients and favourable factors

When the body is left wide open to the ravages of toxins, parasites, radiation oxidation, compromised immunity and inflammation there are plenty of red lights flashing. The ingredients are in the mixing bowl, waiting for the next step in the cancer recipe. The trigger may be an emotional state, a trauma or the continued onslaught of unhealthy, even antagonistic food and beverages that are combined with radiation from cell phones, cigarette smoke and environmental toxins. All are avoidable to a degree. Many – especially dietary factors are reversible. They can help the prevention and the cure of pre-cancerous factors. There are ways and means of dealing with damaged cells, weakened immunity, parasites, pathogens and toxins before they add up to cancer.

Why then, did some of my friends who were natural health practitioners walk themselves into the trap almost willingly? I never suspected their secret agenda. Was that why they studiously ignored the early signs and triggers that were clearly visible – like the ones they pointed out in the patients they saved from cancer? But they took no heed of their own condition even when advanced stages of cancer were being displayed. For reasons that seemed important enough to them personally they chose a condition like cancer to be their swan song.

If you believe that there isn’t really a cure for cancer you can have a deadly dance with pain and suffering and nothing will save you from yourself. I saw it happen a few times. I have now learned to accept it.

The tales of cancer victims who were victims of themselves

We all know by now that the effects of an unhealthy diet and a toxic lifestyle can trigger early stages of cancer. Some people get cancer accidentally or through no fault of their own – even as a result of fearing and resisting it all their lives but this is not their story. Some die from the treatment but why manifest a degree of cancer (even fake cancer) as a result of the way you think and then suffer what is usually an unpleasant and lingering death? Well, there are many valid reasons to do so and this is what this story is about: the pro-cancerous mind-set. The last months of people who experienced cancer. You can decide for yourself which are intentional, accidental or due to wilful neglect. Some have a happy ending, others are a blur.

running away

Before you begin please note:

  • The people are not named and many identifying characteristics have been altered.
  • The medical facts are all true and the treatments mentioned did take place. They resulted in cures for the people who did not have a pro-cancerous mid-set, as you will see.
  • There is no judgement and it is just a true account of what happens in the mind and how it manifests as a remission or a death sentence.
  • Some of the material is disturbing. Some will fill you with warmth and hope, love, forgiveness and acceptance.

The first story – three weeks to live

But it gets even worse. The white jacket effect is so widely accepted that it dominates the minds of the cancer patient as well as the ones that are close to them. It creates a fortified universal belief system that is open to every suggestion the doctor makes. I have seen this happen. “Your cancer is incurable. You have only three weeks to live”. Exactly three weeks later I was holding my brother’s hand. He was in the oncology wing of the hospital with the family gathered around his bed. The kind lady doctor in the white jacket asked if all the family was present.

Then she told us he was having his last breaths. She fiddled with his intravenous drip and left the room. His eyed flashed and rolled around and then he sighed and lay there motionless, at peace. We closed his eyes. He had gone back to our Father in Heaven on a golden thread. Somebody in the room said she “saw” his uncle and others come to fetch him. I squeezed and then let go of his cold stiff hand, but never let go of the mysterious way that his difficult sojourn had ended on the exact day that we all expected it to.

The second story – she was in the health business but died of cancer?

Some cancer patients refuse to let go of their disease and prefer to die that way. If a person wishes to die of cancer it is their own right and we can’t change that. Even when they combine complimentary medicine with the best of oncology and seem to be improving, I have seen people talk themselves out of a recovery. If they want out, they want out and they are determined to cling to the disease like a crab – the word we equate with this tenacious disease.

There is a lot we can do to tackle and loosen the grip of cancer, but we cannot force people to get well and face up to the messed up life they seem to have created. Somehow it exonerated them to suffer; to be in pain and dwindle away in sadness as if to pay off a dark debt. They leave a legacy of mixed feelings and painful memories for their loved ones. It is not easy to pay off the remaining loans, mortgages and the medical bills that some of them leave behind. (The hospital tried everything – you know the story.)

But during the remaining weeks she agreed to take a natural remedy made of phytochemicals they call salvesterols. She started to feel better and the medical test results looked promising. By then she had spent a lot of time with her spouse and family in the hospital, especially during what seemed to be a desperate series of radiation treatments. The family drew close together for once and the children made an effort to reconcile their differences. She insisted that more radiation be given. She survived it with the help of the herbal remedies and then got pneumonia. After a long struggle she finally released her grip on cancer.

The third story - he died of cancer? (an infection from bat poo in the ceiling)

Others make their cancer a mission, a great adventure. The hero in this case had been diagnosed with some mysterious form of lung cancer. I was suspicious when a couple asked me for advice because the case was strange; the symptoms were not concurrent with the usual scenario. I suspected an infection and suggested they have an analysis done of possible pathogens. The SCIO apparatus, for instance can detect the frequencies of moulds, fungi, bacteria and mycotoxins that are associated with some types of cancer. But no, they consulted with witch doctors, herbalists and the like. They also went the conventional route for a while because the patient still had a fever and vomited a lot.

To cut a long story short, the patient became the centre of attraction and harvested sympathy and attention via the internet every day. The last days were spent at home, on a stretcher in the lounge. I was horrified to hear that he had been given tablets made of deadly poisonous oleander leaves. (So much for the olive leaf tablets and other anti-microbial remedies I had suggested!) More fever, vomiting and getting weak; then the emotional farewell, the tears, the last breaths. Out in a wave of glory, this person who had not received enough recognition for a lifetime of great philanthropic works now received a gold-plated eulogy.

So was it cancer? A few months later the surviving partner came down with the same symptoms as her spouse. She had once again visited the family cottage on a farm. It was then that a neighbour explained that the ceiling of the cottage had been infested with bats. The bat dung was infected by a deadly mould and anybody sleeping there could contract a serious lung infection. The friend had also been ill and had taken antibiotics. She got better.  Same symptoms – different results!

The fourth story – saved from breast cancer by iodine!

A coloured lady who cleans the office for us asked me for time off to go to the day hospital. She looked worried and said her breasts were tender and felt lumpy. Her previous employer had insisted that she go and have a scan should ever she feel a lump in order to prevent breast cancer. I took a poke at the mammary tissue. It felt crunchy, fibrocystic. I checked the underarm lymph glands. They were swollen. She was water-logged and had premenstrual symptoms bothering her.

I was not keen on slamming those generous breasts into a machine that would squash and irradiate them. This is said to be dangerous at the best of times, so I negotiated with her. First try two weeks on a few supplements. She agreed and took vitamin B 6 and the swelling abated. With Lugol’s iodine drops and a few homeopathic remedies the breasts and underarms returned to normal. She also took a bag of my dried herbs to make tea. Her family believes in herbal medicine and especially anything I give them. (No, no placebo’s this time!) She was fine and kept on taking her Artemisia and olive leaf tea.

A few months later she phoned to say she was in hospital. There was a problem with her “tette” as she fondly called them. I felt terrible, oh gosh, silly me. Why had I done that? But she returned to work with a huge grin on her face. She went to have an abscess lanced. After a thorough check-up she was given the all clear. Even years later, she goes for an annual examination she says they can’t believe that there is nothing wrong with her, no lumps. But she still makes her tea and takes Lugol’s iodine the moment she feels the slightest tingle.

The fifth story – a therapist that felt she deserved a little pampering

There she lay, like a princess with her bulk sprawled out on her throne of a bed. She was surrounded by flowers, medicines, a full-time nurse and a concerned family. Was this the lady who was instrumental in teaching me Body Talk Therapy? The wonderful therapist I had referred so many difficult cases to for swift and efficient treatment? I was asked to deliver some olive leaf tablets, calcium and magnesium supplements and other remedies to her home. I did not expect to find someone riddled with cancer slumped against a barrage of pillows in a hospital bed. Why?

I ran through her remedies, being familiar with most of them. They were widely acclaimed potent herbal healers, sensational new cures, supplements and injections. She was on a very active raw juicing schedule. This was magic, good stuff and I already knew about olive leaf and cancer. It had saved one of my friends from surgery when he broke out in a volley of tumours. This bundle was costing a fortune and I knew her estranged husband was paying for it. She told me that it was the least he could do.

I checked to make sure she was not having any whole soya beans or anything that contained trypsin inhibitors. I was worried about the “hormone balancing” cream she was basting herself with - all that progesterone and no urine tests? Two women I once knew had died of breast cancer and had used the same cream carelessly to their detriment. After a lot of fussing and daily pilgrimages from patients, friends and family the cancer patient became gravely ill. Her state of morbid obesity was not helping.

After all the juicing and detoxification the poisons and hormones that were trapped in fatty layers beneath her skin began to seep into the bloodstream. A toxic liver cannot handle such an onslaught and I am not sure how she died. But I know she hated her husband with a passion and that she knew about the causes of cancer. She had saved so many people from cancer and could have easily stopped the process. Somehow it was a choice she made.

Story number six – the believer who survived chemotherapy

My wonderful friend is a warm, loving middle-aged lady who has an unshakable Christian belief. She became the innocent victim of breast cancer that was diagnosed after a mammogram. She booked in for treatment and I visited her after her mastectomy. She insisted on having chemotherapy and the works. How could I help? I did, by sending her to a doctor friend who was clued up on complementary medicine.

He saw her after hours and even gave her some herbal supplements to help out financially. I showed them some of my research and explained what was happening and how she needed some support. We hugged each other, knowing that as a team (with the Lord’s help) we would overcome the problem. My doctor immediately told her to stop using all the products made from soya beans. She was devastated because the products were popular “health foods.” But we knew by now, that whole soya beans can sabotage cell division. It was also evident that her thyroid gland was not too good after all that estrogenic activity. Who knows if that had been the trigger for the cancer in the first place?

She is now in excellent health. Better than before! A few months later she returned the wig I gave her and showed me a mop of healthy curly hair – something she had never had before. She did not have a pro-cancerous mind-set! She survived with a sense of humour, saying her husband only has to love one breast now and the other one no longer gets jealous. Why would the cancer want to come back in this case? But for some people it does, just to lead them into temptation, as it were.

Seek forgiveness and let go of the debt. Forgive yourself and accept God’s forgiveness

Perhaps this is why we can be comforted by the words of Jesus when he healed a sick woman. “Your sins are forgiven.” He said to her. He also told another patient: “Go and sin no more.” He knew that illness was connected to sin. The Lord’s Prayer reminds us to forgive those who sin against us. But the sad thing is that we don’t seem to be capable of forgiving ourselves if we have sinned against God or our neighbour. Sure God forgives us even without being asked to do so. But can we accept it? Our actions speak louder than words. Act as being forgiven means letting go of the guilt and shame.

Let us look at the conflict within the mind – the blueprint for cancer. They say that cancer gravitates towards depressed people - those who harbour hate, resentment, bitterness, guilt and shame. Stress fuels the fires of inflammation and that is a recipe for cellular frenzy. The antidote at that level is obviously forgiveness. Forgiveness is free and it sets you free. But for some, it is impossible to let go or forgive and so they feel they have to pay.

Pay a debt of what people call Karma. In this case, could cancer be the currency that some people feel they need to pay back? It comes at a high price. If you end this life blinded to acts of love and forgiveness you may one day be rudely awakened in a fresh new body for a new experience. It is a matter of choice. But right now, we can all choose to forgive those who cannot forgive themselves. Pray that they can embrace forgiveness and manifest it as a cure for cancer.

Blue yonder

Medicine facilitates the healing process but it is not the healer.

The mind is the artist, the body is the canvas.

Death is part of life. Life goes on.


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