For some of us, the notion that any of us might have a fear of failure doesn’t even cross our minds. We go through daily life believing that everything is normal, right until one episode. This gets us thinking that maybe there is a problem. Below are a few conditions that you could display which usually suggest the fear of failure.

 - You Never Challenge Yourself

 - You Self-sabotage Everything Positive

 - Are Constantly Waiting Until Everything is Perfect

 - Never Set Any Goals

 - Give Up Easily

 - Worry About What Others Are Thinking

Hesitant To Try Something Totally New or Experience A Difficult Task

Do you make excuses to escape every new function, partnership, or challenge? Does the thought of change distress you? Are you frightened to take a risk because you just know that it won't turn out and that failure is inevitable?

You Self-sabotage Everything Positive

This will likely go as much as getting away from a partnership, quitting a career, and sabotaging how you're progressing by self-destructive means. Almost anything to avoid from probable failure. Putting things off, increased nervousness, failure to follow along with with goals. Does this sound like you?

Are Constantly Waiting Until Everything is Perfect

Do you just take on assignments you are positive it is possible to complete efficiently and completely? A frequent indication of perfectionism is attempting to wait until the ideal point in time before you start something, realizing that there's not going to be a “perfect time.”

Never Set Any Goals

If you’re not setting goals, then what route do you think you're going? It’s important to have a plan. Setting small goals that will eventually lead to something greater. If we don’t know where we're heading, then how do we know when we get there?

Give up Easily

You should know that all of us give up things, there isn't anything wrong with this. The actual part that's important is why you are abandoning it? Is it simply because you know that the time value that you are investing won’t pay off, or because you don't think you can actually achieve it?

Worry About What Others Are Thinking

At some point, all of us become aware that it isn't important what people think about us. In our childhood, we all try to integrate, however while we become older all of us try to be distinct. It's when we learn about ourselves that we find our individuality. Others viewpoints shouldn’t employ a significant effect on your judgments or actions.

If you’re encountering any one of the signs or symptoms mentioned above, you could possibly attain the fear of failure. I also experienced a fear of failure, for a lot of of my life. It cornered me in the cage of panic and wouldn’t permit me to experience a single thing outside my comfort zone. Once i observed that I had the fear of failure, I knew there is something that I really could do that didn’t contain prescription medication or expensive therapy. I developed this 6 day course of action from my own trial’s and errors. The information has been extracted from many resources which include psychiatrists, life teachers, and other individuals that already went through the process of overcoming their fear of failure.