There is a lot of controversy over parents who decide to vaccinate their children and parents who feel as though vaccinations do more harm than good.  I am personally against vaccines, but I do not ridicule or nag on those who make the choice to give their child vaccines.  Although I am not for vaccinations, I feel that it is their choice and as long as they did their research and are comfortable with the decision that will play a role on their families lives.


Alex Jones, who is an alternative news broadcaster challenged Piers Morgan last year to take a bunch of vaccinations and offered him 1 million dollars if he did it.  He started this challenge because Piers Morgan and others that are for vaccines said that there isn't a limit on how many vaccines are safe.  Many people would argue that this challenge is silly because too much of anything is bad for you.  If you drink 2 gallons of water in an hour, of course you are going to have some horrible side effects.  However, this isn't the point.  The vaccine promoters said that you can take as many as you want and you would be safe.  This is definitely not the case and if you think about it, it really does not make sense at all.

Listen to this man talk about the vaccine challenge that Alex Jones offered to Piers Morgan

Vaccine promoters say any number of vaccines are safe.

Of course, Piers Morgan did not agree to the challenge.  I wonder if he realized that there would be harmful consequences for taking these vaccines.  On another note, Dr. Oz administered a flu shot to Piers Morgan and he got sick just a few days later.  Maybe this is a coincidence, or maybe it is not.  I find it strange that if he was all for vaccines and said an unlimited amount of them was safe, why didn't he want to take the challenge?  Surely for 1 million dollars he could live comfortably for quite a while.  Does he secretly know that vaccines aren't good for you, but he just likes to pick on those who stand up for their rights?

Do you know anyone who would take the flu vaccine?  Are you for or against all vaccines or just specific ones? Have you or your family members had any long term side effects from taking a vaccination?  When and why did you make the choice to live vaccine free?